De Blob dev: 'Wii HDD would be awesome'

Speaking to de Blob lead producer Nick Hagger said that while the team didn't need a HDD for de Blob there are "loads of things we could do with it".

Hagger's comments come as speculation surrounding a possible Wii HDD release reaches critical mass. Earlier in the month a Nintendo job posting revealed the Japanese firm was seeking staff who have experience in developing software for USB.

"It's always good to have more storage space available, but we didn't need it for de Blob. I think it would be awesome if there was an HDD for the Wii; there are loads of things we could do with it. Let's keep our fingers crossed," said Hagger.

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PS360WII3794d ago

I think it would be awesome too :)

kewlkat0073794d ago

is really gonna open the gates for Homebrew and piracy.

Before you know it, we'll be play SNES on there and genesis with your roms on the HDD.

PS360WII3794d ago

True there is always that problem which is probably why they haven't made one yet but the DS has a big piracy problem but game sales are still great so it could be the same outcome on the Wii.

tplarkin73794d ago

You would have 2% of Wii owners with an HDD, so it would be ignored by developers. This deblob dev is not too bright.

ChickeyCantor3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

but it seems this 2% is also a "market" and they are willing to spend their money on it.
2% ...isnt that like over 2 million people? enough to make a profit?
I guess someone turned your brightness knob to zero XD

tplarkin73794d ago

Trust me. It's been done many times before and failed every time. Any add-on will get a few 1st party games that use it, then it will be a dust collector. How many games support the PS2 HDD?

ChickeyCantor3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

IF nintendo announces a HDD thats made by Nintendo and they will add a new logo to their game covers its not going to fail.

or at least put a new logo on the covers telling they need a HDD to make full use of the game.

also we are in a time where downloadable content is a standard

Sony didn't do anything to make it a standard back then.

Le-mo3794d ago

Why don't they just develop games for the PS3? If a system is restricting the developer at a development standpoint then just move onto another system.

PS360WII3794d ago

They never said it was restricting them

Le-mo3794d ago

I never said it was, I said if.

ChickeyCantor3794d ago

Because of a financial perspective?

Intrepid3794d ago


Certain genres + Wii = Perfect harmony

Perverted3794d ago

As much as I hope not.....I get the feeling this will be a Zack and Wiki title....wrong appearance for the Hardcore crowd and the wrong gameplay for the casual crowd....
Still hoping it runs it out well...
And after seeing the Wii scales sell through the roofs an HDD could also sell.

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