Atomic Gamer Ghosbusters Preview

Matt Cabral reports:

''You could say I was a bit of a Ghostbusters nerd back in the day. Actually, that's putting it lightly; during the months following the original film's release I could almost always be found sporting a GB T-shirt (with the famous "no ghosts" logo, of course), while wearing out my Sony Walkman listening to Ray Parker Jr.'s infectious theme song. Despite my freakish affection for the first film, the franchise pretty much lived and died for me in the summer of 1984. Sure, the big screen sequel was okay, but I couldn't tell you a damn thing about the endless spinoffs-animated series, toys, video games etc. And to this day I still don't know the difference between a "Real" and "Extreme" Ghostbuster.

But now, after 15 years-and a recent peek at Sierra and Terminal Reality's new GB game-I'm ready to power-up the proton pack and get slimed all over again. Admittedly, I wasn't too enthusiastic when the title was officially announced on the cover of Game Informer late last year-there have already been countless unmemorable attempts to bring GB to gamers. But after seeing the title in action, I was quickly reminded of all the things that made me love this franchise in the first place. The visual presentation grabbed me right away; the game is set in 1991 (a few years after the second film) in NYC, and the game's version of the Big Apple could easily rival Niko Bellic's stomping grounds. Granted, what I saw was brief and took place at night, but the historic architecture, screen-filling skyscrapers and car-cluttered streets-all complimented by some excellent shadowing and lighting tech-looked like the real deal.''

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butterfinger3827d ago

this preview makes the game sound great. I can't wait to see how this turns out. Ghostbusters was an awesome movie, it really finally deserves a great game:)