Burning Questions: PS3--The Blu-ray Movie Experience

From PC World : "Sony's PlayStation 3 with controllerFrom the outset, Sony has considered the PlayStation 3 an all-around entertainment console, with tendrils that extend well beyond the realm of game play. Perhaps chief among these is its support for the Blu-ray Disc format, which lets you play high-definition movies. But can the PS3 perform competitively with stand-alone Blu-ray players from consumer electronics makers?

The short answer is yes. In my initial hands-on tests, the PS3's Blu-ray Disc playback was very good--even better than I'd anticipated. (If you're impatient to read my first impressions of the PS3's image quality for Blu-ray Discs, skip ahead to "Sublime Video," past the interface discussion.) However, this is not an unqualified endorsement; in fact, I found several drawbacks that may give audio-visual enthusiasts pause."

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MicroGamer4403d ago

keep my movie player seperate from my games console this time around. My PS2's laser wore out from watching movies. I wouldn't spend $600 on a console only to have the disc player burn out a year down the road after playing my 500th movie in it. If I want Hi Def movie capability, I'll buy a separate machine for it and keep my games console around a little longer.

peksi4403d ago

What the h*ll? :D

Congratulations man, I've never heard anyone been able to "burn out" a DVD/CD player. I've watched a _lot_ of DVD's with my player and PS2 and never got such problems.

..or did you think that up all by yourself? ;) or maybe you installed a new plasma based superhot laser beam to boost the signal? :D

MicroGamer4403d ago (Edited 4403d ago )

That after a while the PS2 laser in the large consoles, (not the downsized ones that came later) go funny with certain types of discs. I can't play any game that comes on a blue disc in my PS2 now because of it and sometimes PS1 discs and a few movie discs say "No Data" after it tries to read them. A lot of PS2's do this, not just mine.

scriptkiddie4403d ago (Edited 4403d ago )

What abot the PS3 Game experience... oh wait it only has the potential to play games

bohemian 234402d ago

Dude I had 2 ps2's stop playing dvd's the games always worked eventually after reseting the console a few times but movies were another story. That is a well known fact that the ps2 couldn't handle extensive movie playing in it. I don't know about the newer models but the ones a year or 2 after launch were garbage in that respect.

DJ4402d ago

So the PS3's blu-ray player is well-done, but all that's missing is the remote which doesn't come out till the 25th.

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