PSXE Assassin's Creed Unity Review: Reaching For The Heavens Is Risky

It's quite possibly one of the most wildly ambitious video games ever created. It lacks the necessary execution but it's also an artistic triumph.

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AgentSmithPS41407d ago

They weren't reaching for the heavens, they forced us somewhere between heaven and hell, to avoid all the debates and stuff ;).

Findingcrybabies1407d ago

Wow. LOL. GG

OUROSMAG1407d ago

This entry of AC has potential to be the absolute best in the franchise, I admit the problems it has currently are absolutely frustrating but those won't be permanent, and I think micro transactions are complete garbage. But I absolutely love what I've gotten through so far.

Dem rifts doe!

ironfist921407d ago

Its a shame the company screws its fans over so many times this past year, but yes the games are of high quality aside from the glitches and optimisation problems.

I know plenty of gamers (not fanboys who rant on the internet) are having alot of fun with the game and can excuse the inconsistencies and see the game for the feat. that it is.


Loving it too bro...finally played a co-op mission and it was buttery smooth.

Xsilver1407d ago

I've played Co-Op and it damn sure wasn't buttery smooth it led to frustration between me and my friend so please lemme know what platform you played it on .

GreetingsfromCanada1407d ago

I actually own the game and can confidently say this is the best ac game, at least in gameplay and scale

martinezjesus19931407d ago

Im sorry but it is NO WHERE NEAR what AC2 was. Ac4, even though i didnt finish due to all the sailing was still a better game. I like the game so far, not a bad game, not an amazing game. Solid game worth your 60 bucks.

RatchetandClank1407d ago

Yeah I agree. AC2 is still the best.

TedCruzsTaint1407d ago

What non-existent platform did you play this on?

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