Ubisoft needs a wake up call. This is how WE can do it.

MWEB GameZone Writes: "Thanks to the terrible reception received by Assassin's Creed Unity, both from critics and the larger public, Ubisoft has seen its stock price plunge by nearly 10%.

Ubisoft and companies like them would only stop acting like jerks if their bottomline was affected and until that happened, us gamers would just have to bend over and take it. There just aren't any negative consequences for acting this way, or is there?"

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HanCilliers1341d ago

The best thing would be for gamers to hold back on purchasing FC4 UNTIL reviews are out. Stop with the pre-orders on all Ubisoft games

decrypt1341d ago

Lol Ubisoft has made an amazing looking game, people are just crying without understanding the entire situation.

Just bought AC Unity on the PC, freaking amazing game.

Sillicur1341d ago

Please explain the situation from your point of view then, because where i am sitting this article is spot on.

decrypt1341d ago (Edited 1341d ago )

Take a look at the game running maxed out on the PC:

From the look of it, you can see the game looks amazing and can be very demanding. I dont think is an optimizating issue. I think the console hardware is weak to be running this game at 900p.

They need to take the console res down to 720p, and reduce the amount of human density that should speed things up.

I think the game looks mind blowing, probably a contender for the best looking game of the year. Its only natural it needs the resources too.

Initially i was thinking Ubisoft messed this up, but after seeing these videos i cant blame Ubi. The game just does look amazing.

Infact as a PC gamer i have been waiting for the first next gen games to arrive so we can finally see progress in the graphics, I think Ubi has certainly delivered at that point. Not Ubis fault if console hardware cant handle it.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1341d ago

Ok so your hardware overpowered the horrendous coding. What's your explanation for the plethora of bugs and microtransactions and glitches?

GhostTurtle1341d ago

decrypt, seems like the rest of the PC community disagrees with you.


daBUSHwhaka1341d ago (Edited 1341d ago )

@Decrypt.Two comments about how the game looks,how about how it performs.No point in having a lovely looking cake in front of you just to take a bite and find out its made of shit.Graphics mean nothing if it plays terrible.

mkis0071341d ago

They chose to release it on console, they have a responsibility to make their game work. It seems to me Ubi just cant keep up with these yearly iterations. they need to be able to delay assassins creed.

HeavenlySnipes1341d ago

Maybe when the majority of people that buy their games are on console they should do a better job of optimizing the game

Plus, that video you linked showed a very cool Ubisoft sequence at 15:45

decrypt1341d ago (Edited 1341d ago )


Its kind of a trend nowadays devs release games with bugs, Hopefully Ubi will fix those. As for Microtransactions, console gamers brought that on themselves. It started with consolers accepting to pay for DLCs which could have been made for free as mods. Yet consolers didnt care, its only obvious corporates try to exploit a bad situation.


Most people on Steam have gotten used to the idea that PC doesnt need upgrades, this was true until games were being developed for last gen consoles. However since the advent of new consoles game requirements have moved up, Hence you get many people crying about their old hardware unable to play new games.

PC gaming now works a bit like console industry too, if you want to play the next gen games you have to upgrade. Once you are done with that upgrade you can hang on to it for afew years. However using hardware that was suited for last gen games wont cut it for new games.

As i mentioned in my above comment, my first reaction to Unity was that Ubisoft screwed it up. However after looking at the videos running max, i think Ubi has made an amazing game. Its just that hardware requirements for this are high which is a given.

I still think Unity stands as the best looking game ever to run on PC or console and is probably the best looking game for this year.

I think Ubisoft was too ambitious with the console settings, since they initially spoke about 1080p 60fps, which was a huge commitment. They should seriously consider lowering console resolutions to 720p with much lower crowd density to fix the situation.


I will be running this on my PC tonight hopefully, However i still think its a case of people using underpowered hardware.

I am a PC gamer, i have no benefit to be defending a console company like Ubisoft. However i do strongly feel blaming Ubi when people are using weak hardware (be it console or PC) is uncalled for.

M1ST4K31341d ago

@Decrypt... You can't even tell what's right or wrong anymore...

The game could look better than real life itself (I don't even think it is the best looking game atm, but... opinions...)... That does NOT give them rights to release a game in this state... People are complaining about game breaking BUGS and low as hell framerate...

I bet they spent NO time optimising it whatsoever... On software development, optimisation comes after having the full software running ok. Well, they didn't even get to finish functional parts of the game, like collision detection - you can see in your video, the guy falling through a roof -, people flying to overcome obstacles, etc...

Either they should have delayed it (hum... b-b-but! Christmas' money!!) or they should have TESTED it before selling and release it with a lower res and less crowd (as you are saying) or whatever they had to do to make their game playable, so it's THEIR (Ubisoft's) fault...

SniperControl1341d ago (Edited 1341d ago )

Yeah, it looks good, but at what cost, the guy commentating mentions that he is running two gtx980's in SLI at 1080p and is only getting 75fps, he also mentions both cards are running around 80%, i mean WTF?!? That just stinks of poor optimising.

I just got a GTX970, my hopes of running this game on ultra settings just went out of the window.

I remember the days when games were made for PC and then ported to console, not this console to PC port crap.

Ubi are the worst at optimising there games, look at watchdogs, the crew and AC:U, i have no hopes for the division.

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Sillicur1341d ago

They definately should. I think FC4 will redeem them but still, we have to wait and see

Concertoine1341d ago

Too bad a lot of the reviews didnt mention the technical issues anyway.

jrshankill1341d ago

I think it is good that their stock has fallen. They deserved it.

Clown_Syndr0me1341d ago (Edited 1341d ago )

I always enjoy Ubisoft games to be honest.
I have Unity on the way from my rental company, here tomorrow so I can judge that for myself.
I don't know much about the business side of things, but they make great games.
Hoping Far Cry 4 is good, the demo at EGX was terrible, but it was just a fort mission and those are boring anyway.

Perjoss1341d ago

I cant believe they are trying to charge £50 for AC Unity on PC. To put it into perspective, thats around 78 US dollars. I'm happy to pay extra for a game that has more than the usual 8 hour campaign, but it sounds like this thing is full of bugs, glitches and performance issues, its almost as if they are testing the waters to see how far they can push their customers and to see how much they can get away with.

They are going a bit crazy as of late.

FromTheAshes1341d ago

The gaming industry needs to collapse again a'la Atari 1980's game crash style. This way consumers can weed out the good from the bad in terms of who delivers quality software over quantity. If a collapse does happen I can see a lot of companies disappearing into oblivion.

ManAnimalX1341d ago


Agree 100%. Wish it would happen.

Perjoss1341d ago

"This way consumers can weed out the good from the bad in terms of who delivers quality software over quantity."

There's nothing to stop you doing this right now, just play it smart, never preorder until you see review scores and only buy games from the bigger companies when its obvious they have made the effort to deliver a polished and tested game that gives you good value for your money. If they play the embargo game then just wait, who cares if you have to wait an extra day or 2 to play their game, its better then blindly letting them shaft you.

FromTheAshes1341d ago


You missed the "If a collapse does happen I can see a lot of companies disappearing into oblivion." The point is getting rid of companies that don't take effort into making quality games over profit. With the amount of technology we have now compared to the 80's, there is no excuse for releasing sub-par titles that don't even look like they made it past QA tests.

dredgewalker1341d ago

Why'd you need the gaming industry to collapse? All we need to do is stop buying games from these filthy devs and let them rot in hell. We should only support devs that treat us with respect.

kevinsheeks1341d ago

Won't work the less self controlled portion of us which is also the majority will continue to support this type of bs while some will use the argument of "well just avoid what doesn't tickle your fancy" not realizing that when something catches on and make's money others follow suit leaving you with even less choices.

dredgewalker1341d ago

Unfortunately you're right. It's like telling idiots not to vote any scummy politician.

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