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SelectButton: "While I haven’t had a joystick for the PC since the early 90’s, Elite: Dangerous may be the game that will put me over the edge and pull the trigger on a new Thrustmaster HOTAS setup. Currently, I have both tested the mouse and keyboard control scheme, as well as using a PlayStation 4 controller. Both feel responsive, but I will give the edge to a mouse and keyboard setup. Either way, you will want to print out the key mapping for the game ahead of time for easy access."

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Marcello1385d ago

This game is already getting a 10/10 from me

ATi_Elite1385d ago

ELite Dangerous is THE TRUTH!

and it was a SHOCK to find out they have almost the same plans as StarCitizen in regards to releasing a FPS mode planetary exploration and planet vehicles along with your spaceship and space stations.