How to Fix Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Crashes, Freezes and Other Errors

Vgamerz writes: "That time of the year is finally here: Call of Duty Advanced Warfare has been launched and the world is once again ready to spend countless hours in CoD, enjoying the new features. However, not all gamers are lucky to get the full, flawless experience and there are quite a few who report Call of Duty Advanced Warfare crashes, freezes and other performance related errors in the game."

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Sathur1386d ago

Is this another release of another unfinished game?
It happened to NHL 2015. My game played fine until EA decided to update it this week and add features missing from launch. Now its unplayable. I feel I wasted £60 now.

Summons751386d ago

How to fix... bring back to store buy a better game, Alien: Isolation, Bayonetta 2, Mordor, Wolfenstien, hell buy Call of Duty 2, literally anything is better than this mess of a game. Went to a friends house to lul at his bad purchased and he got so mad because it just wouldn't let him stay in the game due to the lag and all the problems.

Sathur1386d ago

I am seriously considering trading NHL 15 for PES15. that gives EA two weeks to fix my game. If not, its goodbye ice hockey and hello to a proper football game

ramiuk11385d ago

im loving it!!
might not be everyones game of choice and i didnt rate the last 2 cod games but im loving this,even story was fun.

kevnb1386d ago

This is just the everyday troubleshooting for pc gaming, nothing to see here.

sarlucic1386d ago

Bleh, no fix for the problem me and some other people are having on the forums, where the game take over 10-30 minute to load each levels. ( on new/powerful pcs)

Destiny10801386d ago

a lot of problems have been due to people having a small paging file