Deciding between Alien: Isolation and Evil Within

Technology Tell writes, "October is brutal on gamers. Traditionally, October and November are the busiest months, as every company wants to have their game out in time for the holiday shopping season. Which means people often find themselves torn between two games, like Alien: Isolation and The Evil Within. In this particular circumstance, both games came to next gen platforms, are appropriately spooky for the season, and cost the same amount of money."

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hennessey861487d ago

Alien isolation destroys evil within in every aspect, evil within feels half finished.

Snookies121487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

I wouldn't say it's not even close. However, I do agree that Alien Isolation is a bit better (in my opinion of course) it just leaves you with a constant sense of dread and tension (when the Alien is following you), whereas Evil Within seems more action-y in a horror environment.

-Foxtrot1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

Least Evil Within isn't repetitive as hell like Isolation

Once you get through a few hours the game looks and feels the same, Evil Within has a bit more variation and it's quite trippy.

Then there's the replay value, doing it on Survival, collectibles, secret keys etc

Allsystemgamer1487d ago

Alien changes A LOT during the course of the game. There's many different environments you explore. I'm trying to get into the evil within but it's not scary at all. It's trippy yea but I haven't even been chilled out yet. It's ok so far but ALIEN blew me away with how true to the first (arguably best) film.

-Foxtrot1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )


I'm halfway through the game now, probably a little more and all I've done mostly is turn the power back on, walk around and find a way to get through doors.

The Evil Within is scary to a degree and you can't say it's not because it is. Some chapters like Chapter 9 when Ruvik can randomly pop up and you have to hide from him as he's a one hit kill is pretty scary, the way the music changes, how he warps around and can sneak up on you, even when you are fighting other enemies.

"but ALIEN blew me away with how true to the first (arguably best) film"

Yet here's her daughter, someone who isn't supposed to exist. If you watch the Aliens directors cut Ripleys daughter died on Earth and lived a happy, peaceful life. Now the company could of lied to her but because it never came up again as a future plot point we'll have to assume he was telling the truth. She wasn't going to go with them straight away so she could of found out herself what happened to her own daughter, why lie to her.

Allsystemgamer1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )


Just because weyland says she died in her 60s on earth doesn't mean they kept her knowing about the alien in her 20s public knowledge. If you follow the lore weyland keeps the public knowledge of the xenomorph inder complete a shroud. They always know about the incidents and continue to try and contain it anyway. It is the company's doing as they knew her daughter would go looking for the black box and her running into the alien (they hope) would result in her death.

Just because she "wasn't supposed to exist" does not mean she doesn't. When a character is developed in a film they have entire back grounds and lives crafted by the writers. That scene was filmed for a reason and was cut for another. Not because it was false blah blah. Her daughter is mentioned despite that one scene being cut so Amanda is supposed to exist. She tells newt she had a daughter.

dreamed1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

Agreed on the fact you are pulling lots of levers,but everything inbetween is alien gold.

The random ai never gets boring.

I didnt realise you could hide from rufik all i did was run in a tight circle and he cant keep up.

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dreamed1486d ago

Absolutley agree got both and alien wins by miles imo.....alien is worth a purchase tew is defo worth a rent.

LOL_WUT1487d ago

The Evil Within suffers from some pretty bad pop-ins and visually it's not up to par with Isolation. I'd have to hand this to the Alien game for being an overall better game regardless of receptiveness. ;)

Akuma2K1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

Alien Isolation blows Evil Within out of the water like a battleship vs a tugboat, when you play Alien Isolation the atmospheric tension is so great that your nerves will be shattered and your heart will be beating thru your chest and your hands sweaty from panic and fear trying to stay alive from the Alien after your gaming session.

I have both games and i keep going back to Alien Isolation because Evil Within just doesn't have that suspense factor that keeps you on the edge of your seat like Alien Isolation does, I became bored with Evil Within and at the point where I just want to beat the game and be done with it.

dreamed1486d ago

Omg that is exactly my opinion to a tee!!