If Video Game Violence Doesn’t Affect Us, Why Should Hatred Be Condemned?

"Should Hatred be condemned because for being honest?"

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Fizzler1492d ago

Because people are bored.

TekoIie1492d ago

Call the fake outrage police!

NukaCola1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

Got to prep that one targeted excuse when someone does make the news for violence.

First incident of a teen hurting someone after this releases, the media will be all over it, ready to submit their already well prepared reports.

Either way, if you wanted this game condemned, don't even mention it. I personally never even heard of it until the media started talking about it so much. Now look at all the free advertising this game is getting.

3-4-51492d ago

People who are Offended at things, attempt to grant themselves some kind of authority over everyone else because of _______________Reason.

* Maybe we could try being offended at crappy journalism and it's effect on people's opinions on things.

denawayne1492d ago

I support their right to make the game. Do I find it disturbing? A little. I'll just vote with my wallet. I find Taylor Swift music appaling and disturbing as well

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Naga1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

Nobody said video game violence doesn't affect us. They said video game violence doesn't make us violent.

But good job kicking things off with a straw man argument there, chief.

kingdip901492d ago

I know tv and video games are not the same bit as entertainment media I think they are comparable.

No effect at all.

Spotie1492d ago

That's kinda understood here.

thorstein1492d ago

Actually, we have. And, since we have been studying violent media for over 2 decades, the conclusion has been just that. Violent video games, books, movies do not make individuals violent.

It isn't straw man at all. Especially when it is backed up with decades of research.

In this case, I will stick with the experts. There are no peer reviewed, scientific studies that show a connection between violence and video games.

However, there are many that show there is no correlation. And that isn't stacking the deck fallacy either. There just aren't any studies that have stood up to peer review that connect violence and video games.


Naga1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

I think you misread my comment.

I criticized the author's choice to frame the argument as "if video game violence doesn't affect us..." because nobody is saying that it doesn't affect us AT ALL - nobody is denying that there can be an emotional reaction, such as being offended, outraged, or otherwise upset by the media. That counts as being affected. The argument being misrepresented is the one that both of us stated: That video games do not make us violent.

It's a straw man argument in that 1) the title misrepresents the opposing argument and 2) there are other reasons for someone to condemn a game like Hatred outside of the proven-false assertion that it makes us violent. People can condemn the content for being generally reprehensible, offensive, or morally inappropriate. I'm not necessarily saying they are right, but the author makes no attempt to address these reasons and instead relies on misrepresenting the opposition.

Hopefully that made sense and clarified the misunderstanding.

kingdip901492d ago

@ naga

Don't you see that the research that went into finding out if video game violence makes people more violent applies to other behaviors also?

Research shows that as you say a game can affect someone emotionally but those effects are short term video games cannot make you more violent, angry, sexual, hateful, kind, misogynistic or any other descriptor people may want to throw around.

That means there is no genuine argument against such a game being made, sure it's gross and offensive but without it causing any real world changes it effects no one outside of its audience which no one is forcing anyone to be a part of.

I won't be a part of the audience either as I require a little more sophistication in the art and entertainment but I wont demand someone censor their art because it offends my sensibilities.

The issue here is the idea that some feel that this medium needs to be censored and this article is part of the push back of people who believe in creative freedom, although possibly poorly worded the assertion in the article that there are no real world consequences of consuming such media is very valid and is in no way straw man.

However I do have to question your motives as to you trying to downplay this point, I have to ask do you support censorship?

DiscoKid1492d ago

The game at best would be a scapegoat regarding the silly debate. I don't condemn the game or its developers, but I believe this game would simply cause more controversy.

hulk_bash19871492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

Yup this game will definitely be used as ammo against the gaming community in the debate on videogame violence. With that being said, I personally don't care. I just won't give them any of my money because the game's premise is stupid.

polow got sol1492d ago

Don't see how video game violence affects anyone really. But man anyone seen how he had that one guy floating in mid air in the trailer then blasted em lol i wanna try that one day.

jholden32491492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

That's a good question, and one that has made me really think my stance on video game violence. I now see the error of my thinking. Whereas I used to strongly believe video game violence does not affect anyone, I confess I was wrong. It's not so much the violence as it is the reasoning behind it. Glorifying hatred is disgusting, and I don't care if I'm the only gamer in the world willing to say something about it, I'm going to stand up for what I believe. Too long have I justified wrong in the interest of protecting what I enjoy.

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