Crytek On Ryse, CRYENGINE, Graphics

Our interview with Crytek's Nicolas Schulz and Brian Chambers touched on many topics, from Ryse to CRYENGINE and the future of graphics.

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kaiserfranz1491d ago

I really hope they don't throw the Crysis franchise in the bin, it would be a damn shame. I don't even think Crysis 3 was bad, just the second one.

starchild1491d ago

I liked Crysis 3 too. The gameplay has a lot of strategy to it and it's always dynamic, and some of the set pieces are amazing, as are the graphics in general.

Vegamyster1491d ago

The series has lots of potential, they need to go back to their roots of the PC and go out.

starchild1491d ago

Agreed. I would like to see that too. Crysis 1 is still overall the best in the series for me.

Aurenar1491d ago

Crytek writes new standard for visual quality with every release. But they should start thinking of offering vanguard gaming experience, in par with that visual.

Alexious1491d ago

I'm sure that they would if they could. I have hope for Hunt: Gilded Horrors, though.

starchild1491d ago

Well, sure, they could improve in that area, so could all developers. But they have made some great games, at least in my opinion and the opinions of many reviewers.

The fact that they make fairly good games and push graphics tech further than just about any other developer easily makes them an asset to our industry.

I've been playing Ryse lately and it's just incredible how good this game looks maxed out on PC. No other game I have played on PC or any other platform looks that good. The gameplay isn't so bad as some make it out to be. I find it to be a pretty decent gameplay experience and the narrative and presentation are fantastic.

I look forward to playing their next game.

Ka7be1491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )

I played this game for around 1 hour and uninstalled it. Hated the gameplay and the animations. The way he walks/run is so awkward and funny!
But graphics are very good! one of the best.

hiredhelp1491d ago

I loved Ryse on pc visually stunning gameplay was good for what it was.

crazychris41241491d ago

They should go back to open world for Crysis 4

Remy_S1490d ago

I wish more people would use this engine, its one of the best looking around.