Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is Dizzying but Enjoyable | gamrReview Preview

gamrReview's Chris Matulich: "There's much to like in the HD version of Final Fantasy Type-0, with the fact that it's finally coming Westward featuring at the top of the list. Combat is fast and fluid, and most of the demo (besides some of the minor NPCs) dazzles with greatly updated textures and flashy attacks. Although I left the Type-0 demo booth with positive feelings, I couldn't help but think how frustrating the camera could become over a 30 or 40 hour adventure if tweaks aren't made. Let's hope they find a good balance before the March 2014 release date."

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Dos_Equis1518d ago

I don't always buy games for its demos, but when I do, it's for Final Fantasy XV.

Blackleg-sanji1518d ago

Lol same here I dont really want type-o but boy do I want that ffxv demo

Kurisu1518d ago

I'll be buying Type-0 HD for Type-0 HD. The FFXV demo is a huge bonus but even without it I'd still buy it. Had a lot of fun with the Japanese demo of Type-0 on PSP so I'm glad it's finally going to be releasing in the West!

leahcim1518d ago

this game is a MASTER PIECE!


upallnightgaming1518d ago

the gameplay mechanics , and story, are top notch, I loved playing Type-0 when it first released. Any JRPg fan will love this game.

Edward751518d ago

About how long is the game?

King_of_Nothing1518d ago

"Let's hope they find a good balance before the March 2014 release date."

Huh? Where am I?

Bhuahahaha1518d ago

love this game

my fav is deuce she's sooooo OP