Assassin's Creed: Unity 900p on both PS4 and XBO? Why?

Boogie2988 discusses Ubisoft's controversial Assassin's Creed parity statement.

He says "I was asked to talk about the #PS4NoParity movement, in relation to the fact that a developer stated that the PS4 version will stay 900p/30fps because thats how the Xbox one version has to be. Very frustrating."

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GiantEnemyCrab1621d ago

Blah, blah, blah. Yes because every game on PS4 is 60fps/1080p.

xHeavYx1620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

For the million time, it has nothing to do with the PS4 capabilities. It has to do with Ubisoft not using the full potential of the PS4

@donthate below
Typical fanboy response, trying to make your opinion a fact. Did you play Driveclub and Destiny? Or are you going by reviews?
Remember, your opinion =/= facts. Personally I think Destiny is a great game, and I haven't played Driveclub.

Also (this is also typical of fanboys) you say Ubi doesn't use the full potential of the One, but you fail to explain why you think that way

"Spend the time make an awesome experience including compelling story, great story telling, lots of content, awesome game mechanic and social experience. "

You talk like if the game is made by only one person. You can still have a compelling story, great story telling, etc plus great visuals, as they have different departments working on different areas of the game

@donthate 2nd response
"I never suggested my opinion is fact. In fact, I was just pointing out your silly statement"
Oh really? How about "In fact, some of the 1080p games recently has been pure crap. Case in point Destiny and DriveClub" That sounds like a fact to me.

donthate1620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )


Because I could also say, it has to do with Ubisoft not using the full potential of the Xbox One.

Resolution does not make a game. In fact, some of the 1080p games recently has been pure crap. Case in point Destiny and DriveClub.

Spend the time make an awesome experience including compelling story, great story telling, lots of content, awesome game mechanic and social experience.

Don't spend massive amount of time eeking out pixels/frame rates to please a group of people, because they will turn their back to you if your game turns to sh!t anyhow.

It happened to DriveClub, and it will happen to you. Be warned!!!


"Typical fanboy response, trying to make your opinion a fact."

I never suggested my opinion is fact. In fact, I was just pointing out your silly statement.

"Did you play Driveclub and Destiny? Or are you going by reviews?
Remember, your opinion =/= facts."

I never claimed otherwiwse, but I went with the collective of critics reviewing the game as opposed to my personal opinion or a few fans of the game.

You will always find fans of any game, no matter how bad it is.

"Personally I think Destiny is a great game, and I haven't played Driveclub."

I wasted $90 on Destiny digital edition, and it was pure crap except for the game mechanic ripped straight out of Halo, the great music score and the artistic direction of the game.

DriveClub I am waiting for the PS+ edition, because I ain't paying for that potential pile of crap.


My point exactly! It goes every way regardless of platform.

MeliMel1620d ago

Yes, and the capabilities of the PS4 are part of its potential. You cant have one without the other. Thats fact not opinion.

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darthv721620d ago

you know, every damn time i see someone talk about the abilities of x/y I think to myself are they really believing what they are saying?

These systems are closer in performance than any previous system EVER RELEASED in the last 30 years. Yes there are differences, no one is denying that but many seem to think that these differences are leaps and bounds over one another.

As if they are comparing a N64 to an atari 2600. Please...if you want full potential to be used then do not look at 3rd party games as a source for that. Look strictly at the 1st and 2nd party ones. They have no reason to hold back anything.

GodGinrai1620d ago

"I'm still waiting for the xbone GAMERS(corrected it for are welcome) to defend their stance on supporting a product that is clearly inferior yet launched for $100 more. I guess exclusives? Lmao"

Well..yeah..have you played forza, DR3 or titanfall? have you played Halo MCC? SSO and quantum break look promising too.I can buy a big game at launch and not experience problems online. Everything works as it should. Purchase justified, one year in. The games dont need defending..neither does the console ( which improves by the month via updates). So I wont defend it. I dont have to..the games are proving themselves. The console has proven itself to anybody that has bought one.

but seeing as you were "waiting" I thought Id be considerate enough to give you a response.

You're welcome.

Xsilver1620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

"DriveClub I am waiting for the PS+ edition, because I ain't paying for that potential pile of crap."

then why even play the damn free version :/ So your not gonna buy the game because of 17 mixed reviews one bad one and 36 positive reviews if i relied on what a couple of reveiwers said(even tho the reviews were stupid where people gave it a bad score because it wasn't open world) then i wouldnt of played allot of games that i enjoyed and it's them vs the hundred of people on Neogaf that say the game is really good. then again it's hard to believe you even own a PS4 so stop acting.

AliTheSnake11620d ago

OK, here's the deal, I am sick and tired of you people. If the game was 60 fps, all of you will bitch and say the graphics are not good, and they were downgraded ( you have to sacrifice a great deal of graphics to get to 60 fps). IF the fps were 30fps, same people are going to bitch about it not being "smoother". Piss off, and let me enjoy my games the way the artists (devs) want to deliver it .
Here's another question, pardon me for I am a bit lost. How do you know that AC Unity and Dragon age:inquisition PS4 is not the better console version ? so what if it's the same resolution as the Xone? there are a ton of other effects to consider, like the textures quality, and the Anti-Aliasing for example.Games can have a night and day difference with better texture quality and the same overall resolution.

ABizzel11620d ago

I'm still waiting on these multiple examples of games that have been CPU bound, where lowering the resolution fixed the problems.

There are tons of examples where games that are GPU bound where changing the resolution improves performance, but I don't think I've ever seen one where it's CPU bound.

Yetter1620d ago

And what about the Ubisoft dev specifically calling out the CPU? There are Less ops/cycle, lower clockspeed and higher latency on the PS4. The PS4 has never had more then 30 NPCs on the screen at one time. There are 1000s in this game

TheXgamerLive1620d ago

If you really believe it has nothing to do with ps4 CPU then you use zero common sence and aren't reading what UBI is saying.
Talk about fanboy responses, lol.

starchild1620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

@ AliTheSnake1

It's refreshing to see another PS4 owner with some common sense and critical thinking skills. I agree fully with your comment.

@ ABizzel1

There hasn't been any game with anywhere near the number of dynamic NPCs on screen as we see in Unity.

Moreover, just because AI is typically calculated on the CPU doesn't mean that it doesn't have ramifications on the graphics side of things. All of those NPCs are dynamic elements that have to be textured, lit and shadowed, and that's also a lot of meshes/polygons to calculate positions for and animate frame to frame.

What they are doing with scale, density, seamless interiors and huge numbers of NPCs absolutely does involve the GPU and memory side of things, which would naturally affect the resolution the game can ultimately render at.

ABizzel11620d ago


Which again is why I understand why it dropped to 30fps, but to quote the director.

"Technically we're CPU-bound," he said. "The GPUs are really powerful, obviously the graphics look pretty good, but it's the CPU [that] has to process the AI, the number of NPCs we have on screen, all these systems running in parallel."

There wasn't a single complaint about the GPU, the issue was CPU, which again goes back to my point.

Oner1620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

Said it the other day so I'll just re-post it for those who DON'T (more like choose to not) get it...and boy are there a lot of you on here ~

Anyone who understands tech architecture & how hardware components actually work will always choose bigger throughput over slightly faster Clock Speed ~ and that's what it boils down to...A few measly MHz! That is NOT a real world advantage! There is no way possible that a larger throughput would be outclassed by a low % increase in Clock Speed of a CPU alone. It's physically impossible.

MRMagoo1231620d ago


The PS4 has a much larger gap between it and the Xbone than the PS3 and 360 had on each other, and you say 30 years ? The gap between the megadrive and snes was far smaller than this gen too.

gangsta_red1620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

Hey Heavy, why don't you go to Ubi and program their game to take "full potential" of the PS4.

Sounds easy enough right!

@AliTheSnake1 and Starchild

That is because most on here think 1080p or bust. They have no idea what else is on screen or behind the scenes that are at work that has nothing to do with resolution but could actually impact it. They were told that 1080p is the only thing that matters so they run with it.

To me it's hilarious that all these gamers only expect 1080p for their next gen consoles. No change in gameplay, design, execution, new experiences, nothing! Just 1080p!

If hitting 1080p is the only thing that makes the PS4 reach it's full potential then I am very sad for this upcoming gen of games for the PS4.

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SoapShoes1620d ago

I'm sure it could handle Unity at 1080p/30fps though... And Ubisoft done screwed up by admitting to parity.

darthv721620d ago

@snookie "Seems mostly Xbox One (or those who'll claim to own both consoles) owners that are in denial when it comes to the whole parity thing.."

do you really want to know why that is? Its because those who have both are in the position to make a rational objective decision.

Lets face facts. if you only had one, then you are naturally going to gravitate to that one side and remain on that one side because you feel you are defending not only the systems honor but your financial purchase as well.

the middle grounders (the owners of both) no longer have that automatic urge to be on the defensive like one siders do. because they can actually make their own conscious decision.

Im not saying there is no longer any preference (because there generally still is) but the decision to buy the game for one platform over another now has more choices. Friends, controller, online service, features....stuff like that.

u got owned1620d ago

@ SoapShoes

"I'm sure it could handle Unity at 1080p/30fps though"

How is that? Are you a developer? Please tell us more...

CertifiedGamer1620d ago

Common sense says all games in the past have had higher resolution and better frame-rate on PS4 than Xbox One. So guess what then that means the PS4 of ASU should have higher resolution than the Xbone version, its not Sony fans fault that Microsoft boned their fan in the X.

Magnes1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

So shadows of mordor, DA Inquisition and a slew of other next gen games the developers all had trouble making xb1 res same as ps4. UbiSoft know something about xb1 programing other devs don't is that what I'm supposed to believe?

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ShinMaster1620d ago

That's not what the video said, or anyone for that matter.

SilentNegotiator1620d ago

Reframing a complaint to something unreasonable is the strongest agenda powered reversal the modern world of warped information has to offer.

Instead of discussing the fact that Ubisoft came out and said that they purposefully gave ps4 parity and people not being happy about that, trolls are trying to make it look like the majority are actually complaining that it isn't 1080p60fps.

3-4-51620d ago

* Shut up and play the game, or continue on with your life and play something else then...

starchild1620d ago

My answer is, why not? Does the extra graphics performance of the PS4 HAVE to be used only for resolution? Is that the position some of you are taking?

As a PS4 owner that attitude annoys the hell out of me. Resolution can help a game look nicer, but there are a lot of other things I think are more important to the visual quality of a game.

I want developers to have the choice to use their judgement in making a game and be free to decide in some cases that other elements of the graphical makeup of a game are more important. Because sometimes they are.

Looking at what Unity is accomplishing I'm so happy that Ubisoft is pushing the boundaries and not being confined by some dogmatic adherence to a certain resolution.

I think the real thing that bothers some of these people is that the game is the same resolution on XB1. But what never seems to dawn on these people is that the game isn't necessarily the same in other areas of the graphics just because the resolution is the same. The PS4 version very likely has other graphical advantages or performance advantages, despite both versions having the same resolution and target framerate.

This is exactly what we saw in Alien Isolation. Same resolution and target framerate, but the PS4 version maintains that 30fps target more consistently and is free from the screen tearing that is present in the XB1 version. It also has better shadow quality.

The point is, just because a multiplat has the same resolution on PS4 and XB1 doesn't mean that each console's power isn't being taken advantage of. Developers should have the freedom to use that power how they best see fit.

darthv721620d ago

Well thought out. I would also like to add that there were games on the ps3/360 that were 1080p so those who are crying that ALL games this gen should be 1080p are not thinking of the differences in assets now vs then.

without knowing the exact numbers...lets just say that the technical abilities of the current gen systems are able to produce triple the amount of assets on screen (as an example) than previously.

that means that resolution is only one small part of the overall picture. We are seeing much finer details with better textures, lighting, shadows, reflections...etc. So if sacrificing clarity (res) for an increased fidelity (detail) then so be it.

the key to a game is game play. You dont get that from resolution but from a good solid frame rate that keeps things flowing naturally.

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Agent20091621d ago

It kinda worries me that people are more interested in frame rate and resolution than the game itself - and hey, folks, did you notice that the mechanics of the Assassin's Creed haven't freaking changed since 2007?

Hellsvacancy1620d ago

Back in the older days of gaming resolution didn't matter because all tvs were the same, standard definition, now tv's are capable of 1080p, but "some" games can't even hit that pretty standard (in 2014) resolution,

It's not very "next gen" when a game is only 720p or 900p in 2014, if you don't care for resolution game on an oldskool sdtv

darthv721620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

you could go one step further and add that the jump from SD to HD was not as significant as the shift from CRT to panels. And then you need to break down the different panel types. Plasma, LCD, LED, LCD/LED hybrid...etc.

What you see on your screen in 1080 may have a different visual appearance as another persons 1080 screen simply due to panel type. At least with CRT there was a standard and everything adhered to that standard.

there is more to visual fidelity now than simply resolution.

kstap331620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

I guess we disagree on what makes a "next-gen" console. Prettier graphics are only a piece of the larger puzzle. But you bought a PS4, so I don't expect you to admit that the OS, apps, online services, and software stability are as important considering the PS4 lacks in all of these areas. But hey!... look how marginally better this or that 3rd party game look! Keep up the entertainment kiddies!!

EDIT: sorry, responded to wrong comment. Not directed at you.

u got owned1620d ago

@ Hellsvacancy

So for you next gen means resolution? If I play Pac-man at 1080p that means i'm playing next gen?

choujij1620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

While there's no denying the Xbox One is the lowest common denominator for the majority of multiplats, it's still inexcusable and very anti-consumer for Ubisoft to artificially impose this parity, regardless of their motives. Parity stifles advancement and competition.

Ju1620d ago

Exactly. That's why I think this is a anti-competitive behavior (and I'd speculate based on pressure from MS). This IS the PS4's competitive advantage. If this is negated, this is done on purpose. There is no reason for this from a technical perspective. Games on PCs and Handheld run different resolutions and FPS and this isn't a design issue at all - nor is the CPU the limited factor. If you process 1 or 1000 NPCs costs the same cpu time regardless of fillrate and ROPs - the main reason for limited resolution (not fps, mind you!).

CloudyAero1620d ago

It's getting a bit old of people downing the PS4 saying it can't be baseline 1080p games. When Naughty Dog confirmed 1080p 60fps for Uncharted 4... And I mean we've ALL seen their past work.
So I'm sure the Ps4 could handle it on a lot of other games.
I say all gamers should just get along really.

MeliMel1620d ago

You just have to accept that some games will be at 1080p/60fps and some wont. Its gonna be like last gen all over again. Where the PS4 will flex its muscles with first party exclusives, and some 3rd party aswell.

Btw: these issues can be patched post release just like several games already have.

CloudyAero1620d ago

Yeah, it's not bugging me.
Long as the gameplay is good.
A lot of people get hung up on graphics.

kstap331620d ago

You should probably learn about games development instead of making outlandish statements with no basis in reality.

Fkhalf161620d ago

Naughtydog is home to ICE team, some people forget nor know about them. TLOU:R was pretty much made for them to get familiar with the PS4 architecture and use what they got out of it for U4 development.

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poppinslops1620d ago

This guy needs to consider his priorities...

strangeaeon1620d ago

Indeed, everyone seems to always ignore the elephant in the room.Talk about a face for radio.