First Hour: Driveclub (PS4)

After A Year Long Delay, Driveclub Could Still Use A Tune Up. Colin Checks Out The First Hour Of Driveclub On The Playstation 4!

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cfc781084d ago (Edited 1084d ago )

Nice 1 DrKC been waiting for this.(think ill give this a miss)

DrKarateChop1084d ago

Thanks duder! The HD version should be up in an hour!

cfc781084d ago

Think ive seen enough bro catch you on the next vid lol.

cfc781084d ago

What is going on with DC looks like the gameplay is really bad and nowhere near ready for release.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1084d ago

The game is better than I expected. The sense of speed is very realistic. The controls are precise. The cars have a custom paint job to suit anyone's taste. The graphics and the flow of time from sunset to night a nice touch. Overall, I give DriveClub an 8/8.5.

DrKarateChop1084d ago

I'm happy your happy. I'm still going to play a ton of it. For me it's not bad, just kinda meh

SoapShoes1084d ago

Go back to your cave troll!

windblowsagain1084d ago

You can't see, Open your eyes. rofl

Nothing wrong with the brightness.

Seriously you should just go back to forza horizon, you can smash around all day and drive through fields.

All you did in that video was crash. Driving is about getting around the course as quick as possible, improving your times, I'd advise you not to try project cars. You won't even get around the track.

But your voice does remind me of Forza, I dull drone.

DrKarateChop1084d ago

The capture is brighter than what I was viewing. But really, who are you to talk about being bright :p

James Vanderbeek1084d ago

he sounds like an xbox fanboy.