Driveclub's Director Explains "Missing" Shadows; Split-Screen "Not Out of the Question"

Driveclub is only a few days away, but game director Paul Rustchynsky is still hard at work providing information about the future of the game and addressing concerns about various aspects of the game.

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IRetrouk1411d ago

Damn, he just shot down one of the fanboys reasons for hating lol

Abriael1411d ago

And in a very classy way. But there'll be more.

IRetrouk1411d ago

Yeah i agree, no bull just proof, i really cant wait for this game.

uptownsoul1411d ago

I'm glad that he is keeping it as authentic as he possibly can. If your going for realism, then go for it all the way…Gorgeous game…CANT WAIT

ShinMaster1411d ago

To be fair, GT is like the only game that doesn't struggle with this. So I'll give them some slack.

Forn1411d ago

Exactly. That's awesome he responded and showed up all the trolls. Fantastic. Only a few more days till I'm finally able to experience Driveclub! Ahh, so stoked!

uptownsoul1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

You know what this kind of scenario reminds me of…Remember when the first HDTVs with the higher refresh rates were being displayed in stores, remember how awkward the movements looked even though they were closer to what real life movement looked like. Its kinda like how the "missing shadows" in this game is. We're so used to seeing video games where there are always shadows under the cars that when we don't see them (as will happen in real life), it seems awkward

Gaming247allday1411d ago


this game is flawed then, i give it 1/10


- decent driving game
- nice visuals


- SHADOW GLITCHES ruin immersion

Review: 1/10

hope you enjoyed my review, tune in next week where we look for more missing shadows!

JP13691411d ago

"But there'll be more."

It actually only took a few pages after Rushy's comment for someone to say that the shadow should have been incorporated anyway, while insinuating that failure to do so meant the team at Evo doesn't quite know their stuff when it comes to art. Despite the exposure of weaknesses in his argument, he dug in and condescended to everyone in the thread before eventually leaving, but only after effectively saying that he was simply taking the high road. Good times!

Forn1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )


You're being absurd. If you watch the video you can literally see the shadow move exactly how it would based on where the light from the sun is smh. You trolls are getting more and more ridiculous every single day.

JP13691411d ago

Forn -

You need to work on your reading comprehension. I was talking about someone in the NeoGAF thread sourced in the article. He (not me) was making nonsensical statements after Rushy posted his picture that demonstrated the accuracy of DRIVECLUB'S lighting system. If you're going to call someone a troll and say they're being absurd, you might want to make sure you're able to follow along with the conversation. Have a nice day, smart guy.

Forn1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )


Sorry, I completely read it wrong. I apologize. That's dumb that the guy did that on the forum, makes no sense. Oh well, Evolution knows what's up. Can't wait to play. Sorry again.


Simulview true sky ( a tool that creates realistic clouds and skybox ), only used now in Driveculb where clouds creates shadows on the racefield and hide the sun and when they move and expose the sun again it dazzles you in the racefiled and you can't drive for certain time. This kind of things participate in the gameplay.Truesky is compatible with UE4 engine if some people want to use it.

gootimes1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

People try way too hard to troll this game.

He really has to explain to people why there is no visible shadow?? You can even see the sun reflection on the license plate. Oo

donthate1410d ago

Actually, he took the picture at a much higher angle. The angle would obscure any shadows beneath the car.

You can see this in the game play picture is further away and lower, while on the real picture, you can see the camera is much higher and closer.

This also depends on where the sun is and if there is reflective light anywhere else.

There is no magic to this.

Petro1410d ago

"Simulview true sky ( a tool that creates realistic clouds and skybox ), only used now in Driveculb where clouds creates shadows on the racefield and hide the sun and when they move and expose the sun again it dazzles you in the racefiled and you can't drive for certain time. This kind of things participate in the gameplay.Truesky is compatible with UE4 engine if some people want to use it."

trueSKY is also used by Arma 3, and the sky looks absolutely beautiful in it.

inveni01410d ago

If split screen is not out of the question, it's because Sony's VR may be made compatible, meaning they'll have to render things twice anyway.

Khronikos1410d ago

LOL at all the idiots that can't read the post and disagree with the guy just telling the GAF story. You people really need to learn how to read. Dear god.... millenials.

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shloobmm31411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

The red light in the bottom right corner is casting a shadow. His angle is simply hiding the shadow. Based on his shadow the light is coming from behind him which means at the angle the car is hiding the shadow. Had he gotten lower like in the gameplay pic you would see the full shadow.

Rip-Ridah1410d ago

However, in the game play pic, we don't know where the sun is. Camera angle is only part of the shadow equation.

DragonBits1411d ago

Um, the angle of the photo he took is completely different than the game photo, which the game car you can see under the car. Also, the mountain on the left is casting a HUGE shadow to the right. So, shouldn't everything cast a shadow in the same direction? That's not fanboy ism, that's pointing out the obvious. He's suggesting that the sun is directly above, in which case, there should be no mountain shadow.

DragonBits1411d ago

As a new member, I couldn't edit my post above, which is flawed, and I wish I could have edited it... The sun is behind, not above (obviously).

Still though, he took the photo of his real car at a different angle, which does make a difference. His point was taken though.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

If the mountain is casting a huge shadow to the right (over the car itself) it stands to reason the car isn't even being touched by sunlight in the first place.

For the record I didn't look at the image, in basing this off of what you said.

After looking at the image I think its more of a matter of cars having dynamic shadows vs the environment having preset ones.

lsujester1411d ago

It's not a mountain shadow, it's a large tree branch overhanging. If you watch the video, the car is going under one at that moment. It's at 1:31 in the video. If you rewind a second or two, you'll see the shadow of a power pole, which will show you the direction of the sun very clearly, which is almost directly behind the car in the still.

Angeljuice1411d ago

Maybe it's a different angle in the photo because;

A) He can't control the position of the actual sun and had to make do (they're UK based, it's lucky there's Sun at all).

B) He doesn't have a PS4 plugged in to a screen in the car park that could have been used as a point of reference.

C) He is demonstrating the effect, not lining up the images for a perfect match.

I suspect it's all 3 of these reasons.

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lifeisgamesok1411d ago

A car in a racing game shouldn't look like it's photoshopped into the scene

No whether if the shadows are accurate or not

The car looks like it is floating... That is the problem

xHeavYx1411d ago

The screen was taken from a stream video, nice try though

Ka7be1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

Hey Troll! Read again!

"Rustchynsky explained that the issue isn’t because the shadows are inaccurate, but indeed because they’re more accurate than usual, while pre-baked fake shadows usually hide that effect in games, it does happen in reality."

Example Reallife:

Cars in reallife are floating!!!! 1/10 for reallife graphics!

travisbitter1411d ago

Bad trolling attempt, sorry. Go back to drive a supercar in the middle of a corn-field. You cannot tell racing game fans anything about "accuracy" or any kind of racing game lol...

JP13691411d ago

You heard it hear folks, DRIVECLUB is too realistic. Devs should set aside their tedious attempts at recreating reality because trolls like lifeisgamesok don't feel like being condescended to by the laws of nature. What do you think of that, lifeisgamesok? I'd really like to hear your response. Please?

XanderZane1411d ago

I agree with you. That doesn't look like an in game stream. The picture with the white car in the middle is outside Rustchynsky office. He even says, " To show this I took a car out into the Evo car park, parked it so the sun was from directly behind and held a camera up in the air at similar angle to the chase camera." That shadow in the back of the white car is Rustchynsky holding the camera in the air. It still looks like the white car was photoshopped onto the picture. You can see the shadow from the small red tail-light though. So the sun is definitely behind him and slightly to his right.

MagUk1410d ago

The difference is my friend we can see the wheels on the mini but on the photo of the evo we can't thats why it looks to be floating lol.

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n1kki61411d ago

Can people play the game first and then decide if they like it or not. Why people care so much about what platform a person chooses to play games on blows my mind. We all have money that we can exchange for goods. Food, housing, clothes, games, gaming systems. Some of use buy one system 2 systems... 3... 4... handhelds... etc...

Just stupid, I chose to buy all systems, but I don't care if someone else didn't.

AndrewLB1411d ago

Funny how in that article they show a car with no shadow, attempting to justify it by showing a photo of a real car exhibiting the same lack of shadow... but the problem is in the driveclub screenshot there just happens to be a barrier on the right side of the road that is casting a shadow slightly to the left. That being the case, the car should also cast a shadow in the same direction but be slightly longer since the car is taller than the guard rail.

And what's up with the shadow being cast clear across the road from a tree that's far enough left that it's off-screen?? Last I checked, our solar system isn't the binary variety.

And then there's this... taken straight out of an uncompressed video capture posted up at gamersyde.

if that doesn't work.. try this:

Or even better:

Ka7be1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

"Or even better"
That not downgrade, you troll. That different lighting direction!

Troll harder!

Actualy the image you posted look really good and sharp! Oh and btw 3D poly audience not cardboards...

Troll xfans troll as hard as you can, So people can see who are the must butth**t fanboys on the internet.
desperate times are desperate.

BG115791410d ago

I don't get it? What should we see in this picture that is wrong?

Sir_Simba1411d ago

This actually makes me happy because it shows that people have nothing Bad to say about the game so they feel they have to make up something

When you are arguing about shadows you know you are running out of ideas.

n1kki61411d ago

That makes you happy? Your happiness is based on what people say or do not say about a game?

Sir_Simba1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )


I have not been this excited for a racer for a looooooooong time, so yes, do you have a problem with that? goods things being talked about any game makes me happy because i genuinely care.

almost any game

Bubiii1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

That car sure looks like it's floating.

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Neonridr1411d ago

While it's cool he posted a comparison shot, clearly the angle is not the same, so it doesn't really explain the lack of shadows in the game image. In order to recreate that effect the angle of the picture is a much more top down angled look. In the screenshot of the game we are simply behind and slightly above.

Still give him points for pointing out the situation using a real life example.

IRetrouk1411d ago

Really? Its slightly higher yes but as far as proving his point he nailed it, it looks the same, no shadow under the car because the light is behind the car, proof is proof.

ShinMaster1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

The angle of the lighting is the same. But it is high enough that the tires are not visible in the real pic. The car in the game looks like it's floating because the tires ARE visible and don't seem to be making contact.

shloobmm31411d ago

That would make sense if you couldn't see a shadow at all under the pic like in the game. That is simply not the case. Gullible much?

Abriael1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

Uh? No. The angle is definitely similar enough to explain it, and it does. Of course he can't travel to the exact location of the world to reproduce the exactly same position of the sun, but you just need a lower sun (which is perfectly natural) to have exactly the same effect.

shloobmm31411d ago

the angle isn't even close. He is simply shooting it an angle in which he could be hiding the shadows. Why do all the other cars have shadows? Clearly there is a shadow coming from that light in the bottom right corner.

Abriael1411d ago

@shloobmm3:"Why do all the other cars have shadows?"

Because you see them from a much lower angle, since they're in the distance.

"He is simply shooting it an angle in which he could be hiding the shadows."

Which is exactly why you don't see the shadow in the game. It's there. It's just hidden by the car.

I really shouldn't need to explain this...

Rhythmattic1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )


Exactly ... Why is it so hard for people to understand?

Guess people think the sun's arc is exactly the same everywhere on the planet, even through all seasons......


Spotie1411d ago

Just stop. It's close enough that you get the point.

BlindMango1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

How does nobody understand simple light and shadows? Did you want him to wait until the later afternoon when the sun was low like in the trailer for him to take the picture at a lower angle where light reaches even further under the car which allows a lower angle photo to also be accurate?

The simple point that he's trying to prove is that when the sun is directly hitting the back of the car, there is no shadow under the car (or more accurately, the shadow drags forward starting in the center of the car and extending past the front bumper). This is why developers always have to work so hard to make their trailers under so freaking perfect conditions so that people who do not understand simple light and shadows don't cause an uproar over realistic lighting.

Neonridr1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

I never said I didn't understand lighting and shadows. Obviously the picture he took in real life was at a different time of day thus requiring a different angle.

The sun would have to be behind the car and extremely low to give that effect of not being able to see any shadows (in the game image). Problem with that is if you look at the railing to the right of the car, the shadows are not stretched away along the same lines that the cars shadows would have to be in order for the effect to be realistic.

Who knows, maybe someone took the image from a race and that was a complete fluke glitch.. I am sure we won't be seeing floating cars or wonky shadows, it was just a matter of opinion on this one exact screenshot.

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Majin-vegeta1411d ago

Split screen would be great....the days of slapping controllers out of siblings just so they wouldnt beat you :P

GameDev11411d ago

Exactly Split screen like Motorstorm would be great

Though its been a really long time since I have used split screen in a racing game

travisbitter1411d ago

Hahaha! Can't wait to play this game. Will push my in-game BMW 235i really, really hard. :D

curtis921411d ago

Gah I just KNEW there'd be people that lack the common sense to be able to understand BASIC LIGHTING and would complain that there didn't appear to be a shadow. I'm sure they also stand outside on overcast days, yelling at God for taking away their shadow.

Mega241411d ago

Well, dynamic lighting tends to do that, most console players are not used to this kind of features. Kind of like Forza and Gran Turismo always had a shadow under the car even though the sun was shining in that same direction.