CD Projekt Loves Skyrim, Hopes To Replace It With The Witcher 3

CD Projekt proclaims its love for Skyrim, though they understand the differences with The Witcher 3 and ultimately hope to replace it as the most famous open world fantasy RPG.

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kaiserfranz1506d ago

This could be the understatement of the year!

Bigpappy1506d ago

I look forward to it. But no way it replaces skyrim. It is best if they don't make too strong a comparison, as we can see already that Skyrim has stuff like character customization, faction to join and races to chose from. I am sure there will be more differences that E.S fans will miss. Having said that, this may still turn out to be more enjoyable. We just have to wait and see. I know "wait and see" work for most here, even some of the articles submitted can't wait.

BiggerBoss1506d ago

They're both great imo, but they handle their style of RPG differently. Witcher is about Geralt, you are Geralt and you're playing his story from his perspective. Whereas skyrim is a more personal experience and it takes exploration to new highs. There's plenty of room for both in my opinion

Omnisonne1506d ago

Yh, hopefully itll replace it as go to open-world game:) as Skyrim does get stale after 3 years..

But both Skyrim (and Fallout for that matter) are a different beast.
I see those 2 games as a big blank painting, ready for you to give it any shape or colour.
Be it a barbaric nord bandit with a heart for literature and romance novels, or a mushroom eating wood elf hippie with his own alchemy store, its all possible

Omnisonne1506d ago

Not sure why i couldnt edit my prev post,

But i can also see The Witcher 3 outshining Skyrim in many ways, as said above, two different approaches to open world RPG

JsonHenry1506d ago

Too limited a choice in how you play to replace TES series. Although I am certainly thinking I will have more fun with W3 than I did Skyrim I just can't see it replacing TES if for no other reason than your limited to one character and set way to play.

boskoz1506d ago

I love Skyrim, but I literally know every corner of it, so I will be happy to replace it with something new and equally gorgeous ^^

Imp0ssibl31506d ago

Me too. And trust me, The Witcher 3 is immensely more gorgeous...(which makes sense, because it's releasing 4 years later, but CD Projekt is generally better than Bethesda with graphics)

Roccetarius1506d ago

If The Witcher 3 is modded to look even better than it does, then i'm at a loss for words. I have no doubt that the correct modders could add to the game, when the tools are released.

Aurenar1506d ago

I hate Skyrim. But I love The Witcher series and I'm quite sure I will love The Witcher 3.

Alexious1506d ago

Aren't you surprised that the very developers of your beloved game claim to love Skyrim?

Aurenar1506d ago

They need to make a better game, because Skyrim was... "meh".

They thought "Nice, very nice, but how many mistakes !!!" and then "Let's make a game that really worth to say BEAUTIFUL".

And here comes The Witcher 3 :3

thezeldadoth1506d ago

i loved morrowind and oblivion. skyrim was just an OK experience. I did love both witcher games. excited for witcher 3. need new graphics card by then

HaveSumNuts1506d ago

Played Fallout 3 about twice as much than Skyrim. Skyrim was awesome but I was surprised how an apocalyptic world to me felt more alive than a hugely populated fantasy one.

Alexious1506d ago

That sounds like a matter of personal setting preference.

HaveSumNuts1506d ago

Yeah, it was just something about the Pitboy playing 30's music while wandering through the Wasteland looking for human life was just so immersive.

Omnisonne1506d ago

I believe both have their charms, if you give it the time and are able to absorb the atmosphere, Skyrim can practically feel like a 2nd home, much like F3 did

Eonjay1506d ago

Replace Skyrim... its going to need a heck of a lot of mod support.

Alexious1506d ago

They had a modding kit released for The Witcher 2, though only a lot of time after the game's release. This time it should be available a lot closer to the launch of The Witcher 3.

Roccetarius1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

at least the possibilites are there, when they release the modding tools for Witcher 3. As long as they're doing a better job with it than Bethesda, then it's going to be a big hit.

The Creation kit (Skyrim) is not too popular, from what i've seen on Nexus. Sometimes it works, sometimes you wonder how the hell it worked for what you set as a goal.

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