Massive Entertainment needs 60 more employees to finish The Division

Swedish developer Massive Entertainment needs to hire 60 more employees to be able to complete development of The Division.

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Dlacy13g1509d ago

Not to be mean but can't really call this news. I mean devs go through hiring phases all the time. Are we now going to list every time a dev announces job openings or hiring phases for projects?

jhoward5851509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

I like the fact that journalist list every time a dev announces job openings or hiring.

Any clues that gives some idea on how ambition a game development is is golden. I praise UBI for making sure The Division is everything we all hoped for.

The More man power the better.

PeaSFor1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

im sure UBi can spare some peoples from studios working on 37 their differents Ass.Creed games....

nX1508d ago

Wasn't it 10 studios that are working on AC:Unity? I don't think Ubisoft needs more people... rather better people.

mixolydian_id1508d ago

Haven't checked the article yet, what roles are they looking for?
I wouldn't be surprised if they're tying off the game and looking to get the network guys in to assist the post launch plan. Integrating dlc, matchmaking, online experience etc.
Why have them there for the initial 3-5 years of development? There'd be nowt to do until the best of the game is done.

raWfodog1508d ago

This could be news if this is an indicator that they may delaying the game due to insufficient manpower. If they can't find the necessary staff to complete the game on time...

poppinslops1508d ago

Occasionally these listings can give clues to the nature of an unreleased project...

For example, Respawn recently advertised a position for a dev with experience in 3rd-person action, with an emphasis on free-running traversal mechanics...
Perhaps they've begun work on a 3rd-person Titanfall sequel?
Or maybe something else... a new IP?

Either way it's interesting.

Fireseed1508d ago

DAMN YOU 5 YEARS PROFFESIONAL EXPERIENCE!!! My arch nemesis of applying!

mixolydian_id1508d ago

Get a masters degree, takes 5 years (including the undergrad)

Fireseed1508d ago

Too much debt already, would rather spend my time in the field making money

zeusky1508d ago

master's degree =/= experience, they compliment each other but 5 years of experience with no masters degree is much better than a masters degree with no experience

Septic1508d ago

Masters doesn't count for experience.

I have one but to be honest, in hindsight, I was probably better off not doing one.

These days, particularly in London, experience trumps everything. So whatever field you're trying to get into, my advice is to get work experience and get your foot in the door!

Anonagrog1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

That's often going to be just for senior positions. If any experience is expected it's often nearer 3, and that's still for non-junior positions.

I can only talk with respect to programming here, but I think you should be able to find a fair number of entry/junior/non-critical positions that don't rule out a lack experience. Unfortunately, near enough all will list that a person needs to have at least a Bachelor's degree in "a relevant field"; however, that really shouldn't be as important (arguably) as a high-quality portfolio that demonstrates how clued up and skilled a person is, and how much of an asset that individual would be now and into the future. In my opinion, if an applicant were to be brushed aside because of a lack of education, even though their demonstrative capabilities stands them out above the rest, that's a dev hiring wrong.

Remy_Chaos1508d ago

Sure... yet the game will likely result the same as Watch Dogs - Disappointment. But go on Ubisoft, I'm sure your marketing/ bribing team will save this one too.

Fireseed1508d ago

You do know that Ubisoft aren't the developers... right?!?!

Remy_Chaos1508d ago

Nope I didn't know... /s

That doesn't matter, almost every developer under big publishers is producing flawed games, some worse than others. I can see the hype miles away for this game and it's going to result in the the same disappointment many have experienced so far (keyword MANY not ALL.)

medman1508d ago

Massive is a Ubisoft studio.

moegooner881508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

No doubt about it. Ubisoft always gets free pass.

1508d ago
Tzuno1508d ago

ok guys game is done thank you but we are to many...

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