Jolt: Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Review

Overall, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars is a disappointing conversion. It's not terrible, and in fact it's excellent fun when you get enough people playing, but it pales in comparison the PC version. The graphics are worse, joypads are a poor substitute for keyboard and mouse control, online play is laggier and there aren't enough people playing. And to rub it all in, you can pick the PC version for a good deal cheaper.

Gameplay - 7
Presentation - 6
Value - 6
Mainstream Appeal - 6
Overall -

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Fishy Fingers3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

Generous in my opinion, I've never had it before, but I have a true hatred for this game. When they first talked it up, release a few shots it all seemed to be the best game coming to a Battlefield (PC) fan like me. Open environments, kick ass weapon, the fantastic visuals the Doom engine offered, classes, states, you name it.

Then it came out.... Id been lied to :( Rubbish, truly rubbish. Please god if your thinking of buying, rent it first. Please....