Arnold Schwarzeneggar heads to The Pinball Arcade, Christopher Lloyd does not

Bobby King, VP and Lead Designer of Pinball Arcade joined Ms. H for a riveting interview on the Mom’s Minute podcast. He discussed the current kickstarter campaign to license the legendary Addams Family pinball table and also dropped more than a few gems of info about what lies ahead for the Pinball Arcade. A deal with Sony Entertainment will bring Arnold Schwarzenegger back to pinball with The Last Action Hero table and also, for the first time Farsignt will design a completely original pinball table based on a Sony film property. That leaves a lot of room for speculation, although it’s slated to be released in time for Halloween, so that could narrow down the prospects.

You’ll find a lot more information in the 30+ minute interview as Ms. H gets answers, including why Christopher Lloyd’s face won’t be on the Addams Family artwork.

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