Five head-scratching things in Destiny that need to be changed

GameZone's Matt Liebl: "I like Destiny, I really do. Mechanically, the gameplay feels great. Admittedly, though, there are quite a few decisions made by Bungie that have left me baffled. Like, for instance, the inability to skip a cutscene that you've already seen. This is just one example of some of head scratching decisions made by Bungie, and just one of the ones I'd like to see changed in the (hopefully near) future."

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DeadRabbits1543d ago

You don't go up to the Mona Lisa in the Louvre with your crayola set thinking you can touch it up a bit!

ILive1543d ago

Match making definitely needs to be changed. Players should only be able to play against two levels above or below.

lifesanrpg1543d ago

Levels don't matter in Crucible

Cryptcuzz1543d ago


That is somewhat true, but armor (not defense) recovery and defense does matter. So the higher your level, the higher it is possible to adjust which ability to equip that enhances those attributes.

Also, legendary and exotic gear is only available to equip at higher levels (18 and above I believe?) and those weapons do matter (Higher impact, rate of fire with high stability etc.)

So yes, in one way, levels don't matter much, but in ways above, it really does matter. I'm level 25 with okay gear, so I can hold my own in the crucible, but still kept getting killed head on with my Shingen-E auto rifle versus another guy running with an exotic Suros Regime auto rifle.

Sketchy_Galore1543d ago

You don't know me! I'll have you know I do that all the time. Sure I haven't been successful yet but that guard has to sleep at some point.

jagermaster6191543d ago ShowReplies(3)
Ace Killa 081543d ago

1. SKIPPABLE CUTSCENES - Yes, but not a must it's not that bad.


3. F*CK RANDOM DECRYPTIONS - Yes indeed eff him and his decrypts, however we do love the fact his random decryptions can get us higher tier weapons/armor yet cry when it doesn't work. Double edge sword here and goes both ways. Besides the amount of items that get decrypted does balance out these random drops.

4. PERFORMANCE-BASED CRUCIBLE REWARDS - I do believe in MVP rewards or something of such, but higher items is not the answer. Just a reward will do.

5. MORE LOOT - Looting is fine, more of it makes will break the system. Besides there are other means of obtaining loot, farming specific spots, so it's just looking in the right place.

--Onilink--1543d ago

i think there is definitely some balance that needs to be struck with the loot game. Its not really that easy to get a legendary even with the Murder Cave, and it sucks big time that the cryptarch enjoys being an a**hole.

But there is a reason why the items are legendary and exotic. They are supposed to be hard to get. If all of a sudden you can start getting the best gear in the game just 2 weeks after the game is out, then you have nothing to aspire for.

On one hand people complain about lack of stuff, on the other they want what is available handed down to them.

Its a tricky balance, i believe they will start nerfing a bit some of farming spots but increase the likelihood of actually getting legendary stuff from purple engrams.

Drithe1543d ago

this is the greatest FPS ever. Period.

EinRobot1543d ago

Seriously, have you only played one FPS? Far from the best ever.

EinRobot1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

Way to lower development standards with your misguided fanboyism. There is no way that Destiny is the best FPS of all time. Anybody who believes that is a lost sheep.

Cryptcuzz1543d ago

It's their opinion so let them have it. That is why there are opinions in the first place. It's not so cut and dry on what is the best of anything. Ever.
Just like you have your opinion on what is the best FPS game for you, others will have a differing opinion as well.

Remy_Chaos1543d ago

LOL not sure if your serious or not. Anyways I'm enjoying the game but its far from the greatest.

Shotcalm1543d ago

game is fine now im just waiting for expansions

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