5 Games You Would Need if You Were Trapped on an Island

Twinfinite writes about the 5 games that you would definitely need to take with you if you ever were trapped on an island.

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nucky641429d ago (Edited 1429d ago )

zombies ate my neighbors
super techmo bowl (snes version)
demon souls
resogun survival mode

btw - I'd really like to find a way to bring journey; super stardust HD; uncharted1; alchemy and dig-dug too.

thecastroregime1429d ago

I guess if nothing else, those games will teach you ways and qualities you'll need to survive on an island.

Mr Tretton1429d ago

Uh, if I were trapped on an island, I'm already playing the ultimate game. Survival.


Street fighter alpha 2
Contra NES
Borderlands 2
Mario Kart
Halo MCC

nucky641429d ago

yea - I was wanting to add a racer too but had too many games to begin with - Mario kart would be a great addition.

user65409481428d ago

Why alpha 2 and not alpha 3?


I like the sound and stages of 2 better

SuicidalTendencies1429d ago

If you're stuck on an island where the hell are you getting electricity from to play these games?

WeAreLegion1429d ago

This question gets asked every time people make these lists. Suspension of belief, dude. Just go with it. You're on an island with electricity, a house, and the internet. No, you cannot leave the island.

nucky641429d ago (Edited 1429d ago )

from the bamboo generator powered by worked for the castaways on gilligans island...LMAO!!

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The story is too old to be commented.