Runemaster Hands-on: Choose Your Path Wisely | Worlds Factory

A look at the branching RPG that is Runemaster, set in a fantasy realm based on Norse mythology and powered by procedural generation.

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boskoz1163d ago

Nice writing, for a game I honestly wasn't aware, until now.

I will check this out at release!

kaiserfranz1163d ago

I'm a sucker for Norse mythology. Will be checking this for sure.

Imp0ssibl31163d ago

How did this slip past my radar? Might have to give it a closer look...

Alexious1163d ago

There's very little information about it, and it was only announced in June. Could be a surprise

LavaLampGoo1162d ago

It was a game id heard nothing from, but think it could get quite a cult game exploring all the possibilities...