Call of Duty World at War In-Game Footage to be Shown on SpikeTV

Spike TV has just announced that eager gamers can see in-game footage of Call of Duty World at War this Friday, June 20th, at 1am ET/PT on GameTrailers with Geoff Keighley. This comes just a day before its debut on the Xbox Marketplace.

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MK_Red3830d ago

Good for SpikeTV / GTTV.
Hopefully the game is decent enough and keeps COD alive until Infinity Ward is back.

Stephen Colbert3830d ago

It'll be alive, but limping.

Treyarch will make sure of this...

Nitrowolf23830d ago

why does this show have to be on so dam late
why dont they show this show like at 8 or 9 or 10

Nitrowolf23830d ago

lol with what i dont own a recorder
any way it will be on

Kaneda3830d ago

Probably not getting this... They probably just change COD 4 to WWII... probably just minor improvement...

pegger243830d ago

that sounds like the reason why I would get it. I enjoy COD 4's multiplayer quite a bit, but I think it would also be fun if there were no Helicopters and were no super accurate air strikes. I am a fan of the older weapons as well. I think that if the game is EXACTLY the same except set in WWII (Pacific Theater) with the older weapons if will be very fun to play. It might just be seen as an expansion pack but will be very welcomed by me. I am also glad that Infinity Ward gets another year or so to do the Heavy Lifting on developing a brand new game again as opposed to having to rush out a sequel. Treyarch may just be better suited for updating an existing engine and such, not necessarily trying to create their own.
Who knows, it might suck like COD3 but the game you described as being a bad thing I think I will enjoy, but I guess we will have to wait and see the in-game trailer. It should tell us a lot about what the final product will be

Excalibur3830d ago

I personally didn't want a COD4 part 2.

I want Infinity Ward to have plenty of time to deliver us another great product.

It always kills me when people repeat that there are too many WWII games out.
If they actually did some research they would find for themselves that there is actually about 2 X's more modern day war games.

BTW not saying you pegger24

Stephen Colbert3830d ago

Yea I'm all for IW dev'ing this...

But, isn't Treyarch taking it over for this title?

Infinity Ward makes pure gold.

Treyarch manufactures turds professionally.

CumQuats3830d ago

Treyarch develops gold plated turds [COD3].
And all that glitters is most certainly not gold.

Kleptic3830d ago

these exclusive things GTTV keeps getting are annoying...not that I am really excited for CoD 5...but they show like a minute of in game stuff, and geoff won't shut up...then they switch to something NO ONE cares Guitar Hero: Aerosmith...

just put the crap on the internet at some undisclosed time...then no one makes money by showing alpha code...thats the way I like it...and Keighley is painfully annoying to watch/listen to...

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