The New RollerCoaster Tycoon: World is Easier to Use and Better Than Ever

Published by one of the most recognizable names in gaming history, Atari’s coming RollerCoaster Tycoon title is bringing back everything we love about the amusement park sim series with a modern feature list and a fantastic refresh on retail social gaming.

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Jacktrauma1534d ago

Sweet! Always loved these games!

JoeIsMad1534d ago

I'm ready to build a straight downward drop into a rising spiral. Get that momentum perfect, and just make people vomit. $100 to use the restroom in the stall right at the end of the ride.

3-4-51534d ago

I still play RCTycoon 1 Deluxe on my PC, and it's STILL better than 90% of games released since then.

I've never even come close to beating all the scenarios for even the main game, let alone the expansions.

And that is just the first game.

I've never even played RC2, which is a ton of content, but slightly improved gameplay style of RC1.

Played 3 a bit. Some parts of it are awesome, but it kind of lost some charm.

* Hopefully this is better than the piece of garbage that was released for the 3DS.....which was basically a demo.

Stevefantisy1534d ago

Never got into these games because of how complicated it got to build. I'm glad they are fixing that with this one.

Magnus7011534d ago

Wow it looks a lot better.

infinitewords1534d ago

As long as it's turn based then I'm excited.

JoeIsMad1534d ago

I didn't see anything that felt turn based during our demo, but what we saw was pre-alpha and didn't include much toward the living park experience.

infinitewords1534d ago

Lol, my phone loaded a different article. That last comment was meant for a Square Enix article.

kizzle321534d ago

Yea, I was like...turn based? In a RollerCoaster Tycoon game? haha

infinitewords1534d ago

I don't know what happened, my phone goes stupid sometimes, I guess.

ghostface91534d ago

Love this series but dont game on my pc anymore hopefully they bring it to consoles

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