My Wii News Countdown: Top 3 Upcoming Wii First Person Shooters

What's up readers? Today we have a little countdown, giving you the scoop on the top three most anticipated first-person shooters coming to the Wii. The Wii hasn't been blessed with as many first-person shooters (fps) as other consoles, but it has seen an exceptional amount. Everything from the good, (Metroid Prime) the bad, (Call of Duty 3) to the ugly (Red Steel).

Changes are upon us: with more developers starting to get into gear, soon we'll see higher quality games. Today we will show you the top three most anticipated fps's coming out. Will we finally be getting that AAA fps that we've always wanted ever since we first saw that Wii-mote? I guess we'll just have to wait and see!

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doshey3835d ago

the wii knows what fps are?

VaeVictus3835d ago

1)Cooking Mama; Pam That Pan. Synopsis: Go from futuristic kitchen to kitchen to battle hordes of frying pans that will cause food to stick unless your "Pam That Pan!" Numerous obstacles will challenge you along the way; slippery cucumber peels on the floor, flies and PITA activists will do their best to keep your out of the kitchen. Have your friend code handy and battle up to 3 other Chef's online.

2)Super Mario Sunshine 2: Carwash Edition. Synopsis: Use Mario and Luigi's handy water backpack to save your Prius from dirty tires and windshields. DS compatible! Plug in your copy of Mario Kart DS and wash your Mariokarts with Super Mario Sunshine 2. Unlock special Armor All backback and shine those tires. No Online multiplayer, but post your best scores and compare with friend codes.

3)Wii Fit: Shoot the fatty. Synopsis: Stand on the Wii board and and shoot your virtual self. Burn the fat from your body with veggy guns and exercise bands to the sounds of all star pop sensation Olivia Newton John's "Physical." Unlock additional remixes of "Physical" by Moby. NOTE: Weight loss guaranteed to your virtual self and your mii only.

Train-Traxs3835d ago

two of the three most anticipated first-person shooters coming to the Wii are sequals of "the bad, call of duty 3" and "the ulgy red steel"...Man i cannot wait ¬_¬

Lukatoll3834d ago

I'm sure Ubisoft will learn from their mistakes. and if you read some previews CoD5 is looking pretty good.

chrstphr5673835d ago

Look all they need to do is do what Sega did for House of the Dead. Add a freaking screen calibrater so the wii knows how big your tv is so you can have the best shooting experience. I just wish nintendo had good FPS support like Microsoft has. I would love to play condemned 2 for wii.

darando3835d ago

thats like the only fps coming out for wii and i can see cod5 being crap like most fps on wii

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