NBA 2K15 New Rating System, Only 4 Players Over 90

2K Sports has announced the player ratings in NBA 2K15 have changed for this year. This was revealed by NBA 2K15 community manager Chris Manning on Twitter. He said this game has a new “ratings system” and only four current NBA players have a rating of over “90 at launch”.

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NinjaRichParty1355d ago

Yeah I don't see anything wrong with this. Would rather have the ratings reflect what's on the court than every teams big name guys be unstoppable monsters. Haha.

PONTIAC08G8GT1355d ago

When I first started typing, I was making a list to prove there were more than 4 players who deserve a 90+ or better. But the more I tried to list players, the harder it got.


D. Howard
James Harden
Steph Curry
L. Aldrige (might have spelt wrong)
Kobe Bryant
K. Love
Chris Paul

Kingthrash3601355d ago

Wow, no Paul George ? No Wade? No rose? None of the spurs?<------ dominating NBA champs westbrook?.....I mean I can go on. But you have Carmelo locked in as a definite? I know some I've mentioned were or are injured but you have Kobe up there......jus saying .
I didn't give u a disagree because its you opinion...but you may receive a few because of a lot of missing stars

elninels1355d ago

Whoa. Where's blake griffin or joakim noah? 3rd and 4th respectively in mvp voting.

noah is also reigning defensive player of the year, reigning oh my god how does a center racks up assists like that, and beating heart of chicago.

Clips didn't skip a beat last year when thwy missed paul because blake went all point-power forward running the offense.

Kahwi Leonard, finals mvp? Doesn't often rack up crazy numbers because of the spurs system yet he can post up, drive, knock down the three, guard four positions, and lock down your best player.

And I have to use this opportunity to address the egregious overlooking of marc gasol by almost everyone. He is a constant threat defensive player of the year, acts as the hub of the offense, knocks down the entire assortment of mid range jumpers, post hooks lefty and righty, and rumbling sky hooks we haven't seen since kareem. Nobody acknowledges how good he really is except Memphis fans (a group im not a part of).

Oh yeah, I almost forgot Russel Westbrook. Mr. I-outshined-mvp-kd-when-it-mat tered. Westbrook was a monster in the playoffs, specifically the fourth quarter, while KD shrank under the pressure. Hes a top-flight athlete, assists a plenty, rebounds, and plays top notch D. Me almost forgetting him is an awful error, you leaving him out is just crazy.

I won't go on about how dragic or cousins, derozan, klay thompson, and a few others are right on the doorstep if not there.

AceBlazer131355d ago


There are a lot that deserve a 90+ rating.

MeliMel1355d ago

You crazy...... strait up. Your maybe list(when healthy) are all 90 or better. Lebron and Durant 99 all day. And there is more players either at 90+ or at 89(Carmelo, Rondo) easy... Walls, Irving, George, Lillard, Leonard, Westbrook, Parker, Griffin, and theres more up and comers. Honestly i havent been this excited for the league in years tho its still been a good product. I just look at NBA and theres alot of good talent.

PONTIAC08G8GT1355d ago

You would put Paul George as one of the top 5 players in the NBA?

D-Wade was a 90+ about 4-5 years ago. He cannot stay healthy and isn't dropping 30 points a night.

D-Rose? Seriously? The guy has been injured 2 straight years and if you watched the FIBA NBA right now he can barely score 10 points.

Spurs players - Duncan is more like an 88, Parker about an 85, and Leonard is around 85. They don't have 1 superstar, but multiple stars.

Westbrook - Shoots 50 times a game just to make 20 buckets. Doesn't play great defense and is too inconsistent. I'd say he's probably like 87/88.

Blake Griffin - besides dunking what else can he do? No real hook shot or back down presence. He can rebound but hes not as amazing as everyone thinks.

J Noah - Besides being a monster rebounder, he's not an offensive threat.

Marc Gasol - Really, a top 5 player? He's probably more 85 than a 90+

Walls - Finally had a solid season. But one season doesn't jump you to 90+. His defense is suspect.

K. Irvin - Again, good scorer, but besides that he doesn't total a ton of assists, steals, rebounds, or anything else.

Rondo - One of most over rated players. Offense is horrendous. He's good at passing and assists and gets a lot of 10/10 games.

All of these players are good players don't get me wrong. But when you think of true 90+, thats the elite. I think in past too many players have had 90+ ratings. Everyone listed I think is 80+, most 85-89.

Just an opinion.

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Kobe Bryant1355d ago

Nonsense. I should be the only one with a 99 rating.. these peasants like Lebron, Durant etc are beneath me.

Neoninja1355d ago

Darn right Kobe! You better be a beast when you get back in the game!

Kobe Bryant1353d ago

Yeah brah! You already know.. going for that scoring title. I'm dropping 32 a night.

xHeavYx1355d ago

Your first comment in over 200 days. Almost the same amount of days that "you" haven't played because of injury =P

PS3and4_HAS_GAMES1355d ago

ummm ok and how is that suppose to be funny?

Kobe Bryant1353d ago

I don't comment on this site often, got things to do like you know.. play professional basketball, bang groupies etc. But I better be in the 90s category or else!

crxss1355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

lolol dying +bubble

JimmyDM901355d ago

I first read this as "nba2k15 only has 4 90+ year old players in the game".

Neoninja1355d ago

lol that would be hilarious.
I could only imagine Grampa dunking over Dwight Howard or someone.

Funky Town_TX1355d ago

Grandma-ma Larry Johnson FTW.

elninels1355d ago

Uncle drew breaking ankles

Illusive_Man1355d ago

Kevin Love

Top 4. That's it.

chito1016d1355d ago

U probably have 3 of those right. Take Kevin love out and they will probably put derrick rose or Westbrook up there

CertifiedGamer1355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

Derrick Rose are you serious after the injuries he always seems to constantly get. He also got spanked bad last season every time he got in the court with Lebron. Lebron played him like if he was taking candy from a baby. Derrick Rose is no where near a 90, he is possibly barely an 83. Kevin Love took rose to school along with a big list of players including Dwayne Wade and Carmelo. He got taken to school by players that were ranked under him too.

chito1016d1354d ago

I'm not a fan of rose and have though he is over rated. But 2k still put him with a 90 plus rating even with him being out last season. That's why I wouldn't put it past them to give him a high rating once again.

CertifiedGamer1355d ago

I can make it easier for everyone to guess. Lebron James was in last years cover for NBA 2K14 so 2K Sports sees him as a top player specially since he took the heat to the finals 4 years in a row with 2 championships won and was in a struggle for the MVP with Kevin Duran. KD is on the cover this year and he took OKC as far as he did on his own so He is a given for the having over 90 stats. So I brought it down to only 2 candidates left.

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