Xbox One Gold members can play NBA 2K15 free this weekend

Xbox Live Gold members will be able to download and play the full Xbox One version of NBA 2K15 for free this weekend, Microsoft has announced.

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gangsta_red1210d ago

Warrior nation DOMINANCE!

MS should do this more often.

xHeavYx1210d ago

Sorry man, but my Spurs will make the Warriors look silly.

gangsta_red1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago ) guys did beat us by a few points a couple of times...

But I'm confident we're going to up the ante on your Spurs if we face you in the playoffs...

I mean if you can even make it past the Clippers that is!

Neoninja1210d ago

I disagreed with you only cause I can't stand the Warriors, even though I live in the Bay Area now. (Originally from Los Angeles)

I agree MS really should do this more often and get word out that they're doing it.

Immorals1210d ago

So we had Sunset Overdrive, then dragon age.

Now, we get a basketball game. The really dropped the ball on this one :/

Lawboy21210d ago

forza 5 was the first game they had

Starbucks_Fan1210d ago

I got mine when it was $11 on Amazon a couple weeks ago, fun game :)

jairusmonillas1210d ago

If you are a NBA fan you would've brought this in the month it was released.

andibandit1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

And if you're not a particularly huge fan, you've got a chance to try it out in the weekend.

Neoninja1210d ago

That's not necessarily true. I for example am a huge NBA fan, but I don't buy NBA games yearly, mostly due to little to no improvements between titles instead of major improvements. So it's nice to try it out and see what was changed and if it's worth a purchase, or just wait til NBA2k16 or something.

eferreira1210d ago

Go Raptors! Big Lou voted best 6th man

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