ReddX and Azure - Behind the Scenes of Xbox One app

ReddX developer has gotten lots of queries about the inner workings of ReddX, and how Azure plays a role and shared how Azure was used to reduce a 3 second request down to 2 ms.

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christocolus1331d ago

I have a feeling Crackdown,Gears and Halo5 will utilize MS azure servers a lot more than any other 1st party game. They will be the first titles to truly show the capabilities of the tech.

OpieWinston1331d ago

All heavily online focused games will take advantage of it.
Crackdown is looking like it'll be an Online Only game or primarily Online.
Class 4(Zombie MMO) will definitely take advantage of the Azure servers because it's always online.

Halo 5 and Gears will use them for their Multiplayer...And probably offload tasks on them to have a better looking experience or to help keep it at a stable 60 FPS in chaotic moments like Big team matches.

Like DX12... You'll be seeing First/Second party games be taking full advantage of it, but Multiplats choose not to because of time restraints.


Can you explain what you mean by restraints? I am so confused on why 3rd party devs refuse to use MS servers. Especially if they are free.

DougLord1331d ago (Edited 1331d ago )

More MSFT lies. Azure doesn't exist. It's just an old Apple 2gs connected by a single 2400 baud modem. Only Sony and PS+ can make the cloud work.