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Final Fantasy XV’s lead programmer Kentaro Yasui leaves Square Enix

SegmentNext - "Final Fantasy XV’s main programmer has left Square Enix." (Culture, Dev, Square Enix)

TheLyonKing  +   533d ago
I hope he enjoys whatever he does next. This won't affect development of 15 as it's in full swing someone just steps up and becomes lead, it's just like any other business.
ShugaCane  +   533d ago
Leaving the job of lead programmer of game as huge as this one to go work on a mobile game says a lot on both Square Enix and FFXV'state. It probably won't affect the development, but that news is still worrying in my opinion.
vishmarx  +   533d ago
square enix is a whale and one employ less wont affect them. though this speaks volumes of the work environment surrounding ff xv and its delay.
TheLyonKing  +   533d ago
He may not have enjoyed the stress of working at a huge organization, its why I quit my job and am now working for a smaller oil and gas group.

Like I said I wish him best, I am sure someone else will take the reins and do a fine job.
guitarded77  +   533d ago
They have a deep team of programmers. Leads take all the input (no pun intended, I hate puns) from the team and together they make the necessary changes, or gameplan to accomplish the given job. TheLyonKing is right... they will probably promote from within the team and keep trucking. It's like trading a basketball player mid-season. It isn't necessarily good or bad. Only the development team knows how big or small the change is.
UltimateMaster  +   532d ago
Delayed until PS7. lol.
Hope we get it this gen.
Aquariusgamer  +   532d ago
Maybe he got mad about the tomb raider xbox deal and quit, hahaha!

aie havu to baiyu crapu exuboks to pray with mai western waifu???


/commits sudoku
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KwietStorm  +   533d ago
Development of XV has been in "full swing" for how long now?
Irishguy95  +   533d ago
2012? Since development on Ps4 began, was it not? Not that long anyhow.

Either way, main programmer leaving is huge. Any issues arise SE need him to come back in and fix them as another programmer stepping in can be a difficult task
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Panthers  +   532d ago
Even after the re-reveal and the renaming of this game, I still consider this vaporware. And I will until it is in my PS4
PickAShoe  +   532d ago
MuhammadJA  +   532d ago
I can see it now. The game will be a flop to some people and they'll blame this lead programmer.
breakpad  +   533d ago
i ve lost any hope for this game ..first it takes years to complete , from exclusive compromised and went multiplatform and now key developers go away ...Square became a crappy company ... sell the rights of FF VII to Sony at least so you dont screw up a possible remake
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sssb  +   533d ago
i think he sick of SE policy, project like FF Versus 13 or 15 toke 8 years and still not released this the biggest joke i ever heard. main programmer its impotent guy, he is the key of how games program should run.
wish good luck for that person.
Lannister  +   533d ago
Deadpool616  +   533d ago
Kentaro Yasui was the main programmer for Kingdom Hearts/Kingdom Hearts II.

That's a pretty big fish to lose Square Enix.
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   533d ago
I pray this game comes out within 2015. It is my most anticipated next gen game.
persona4chie  +   533d ago
Deadpool616  +   533d ago
I imagined this when I read your comment.
persona4chie  +   532d ago
Unlimax  +   533d ago
Something really fishy happening in Square Enix recently ?
Yoshihisa Hashimoto also leave SE last month !
tigertron  +   533d ago
Jumping off the ship before it sinks.
Nekroo91  +   533d ago
With games like KH3, FFXV, Sleeping Dogs sequel and Tomb raider it will take some time before the ship sinks.
tiffac008  +   532d ago
Not sinking just stinking. lol! xD
goldwyncq  +   533d ago
Delay confirmed.
Tetsujin  +   533d ago
Although I agree with what you're saying, it's hard to delay a game with no release date.

Either the game is "complete" and waiting on a release date which he then decided to move on, or someone REALLY f-ed up and he decided to work somewhere else.
GenericNameHere  +   533d ago
FFXV is such a giant mess.
BABY-JEDI  +   533d ago
The pressure must have been too much ensuring those Final Fantasy hairstyles remain perfect
RDF  +   533d ago
I think he left because they told him to put Lightning in it........
PickAShoe  +   532d ago
Quicktim3  +   533d ago
Wonder whats happening over at Square. Cant be good.
trickman888  +   533d ago
We are doomed
muttsurini  +   533d ago
Number 13 was a really bad number they should had skip 13 and jump to 15, the disaster came when ff13 started.
hot4play  +   533d ago
Why am I not surprised? Probably internal company politics. This is Square Enix....

Like what @tigertron above said; SquareEnix is a sinking ship
Roccetarius  +   533d ago
This is honestly not that surprising, since the management at Squeenix had trouble with adapting to HD. More people are probably going to leave, in order to have free hands to do whatever.
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worldwidegaming  +   533d ago
Like rats from a sinking ship...the business model of the entire company is not what it used to be.
Next stop Davy Jones locker (kingdoms heart day one DLC)
Inception  +   533d ago
I wish Yasui good luck with his new company. But damn! this is really bad.

If SE doesn't give any release date this TGS than i think it's time to let it go and say bye-bye for FF. I surely will not forget my memorable experience playing FF this past 18 years.

Anyway, there are other JRPG's such as SMT/Persona, Tales, Ys, Atelier, Disgaea, Fire Emblem, or Etrian Oddyssey that still maintain their high quality status without took forever to get on our hands. I think it's time for JRPG fans in the west to give more support for those games.
Acquiescence  +   533d ago
Oh lord...
This game is never going to come out is it.
DiscoKid  +   533d ago
To be fair, it isn't like they are losing a lead artist to where they need to worry about artistic consistency. Programming is mathematical; it doesn't require creativity or imagination as much as art, so the position can easily be filled again.
rextraordinaire  +   532d ago
I'd be sad if it was not 8 years in the making.

But now all I can think of is "lol".

lmao. even.
Hozi  +   532d ago
When I get news about a game that's long overdue and anticipated such as this one....this is not the kinda news I need/want to hear.
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feraldrgn  +   532d ago
Good luck to the fella.
Now both the lead programmer & the Luminous Studio head who helped create the engine have left, it either means the projects that use it are finished or that there are serious issues at the company.
I really hope that this doesn't affect the release of the game.

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