August Xbox One Update Actually Makes Smartglass Useful

The August update for the Xbox One began rolling out worldwide August 17th and will continue roll out over the next few days. This update brings new improvements to the Xbox One’s UI, some new features, and added functionality to its companion app Smartglass.

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Stevefantisy1433d ago

Interesting for sure. Still working that total entertainment system.

Blaze9291432d ago

Smartglass 'been' useful

Magnus7011433d ago

One step forward, but it looks like there are a lot of improvements to be made.

n4rc1433d ago

Just as a FYI.. There is a preview program for smartglass as well and its no sign up (android at least)

Just download the smartglass beta from the app store rather then the normal app.. Most of These features came out awhile ago

MCTJim1433d ago

indeed they did and I find most of them useful to boot :)

phantomxll1433d ago

Smartglass has always been useful for my needs and it keeps getting better.

Funantic11432d ago

Exactly what does it do?

n4rc1432d ago

Easy access to typical Xbox stuff like your profile, game clips, msgs and achievements etc

They've added the store to it.. And it has a full fledged remote functionality.. Not only for your Xbox but cable box as well.. Can browse through my DVR and play right from my phone..

And coming soon, it will actually stream your cable signal to your phone/tablet while allowing you to play your game at the same time.. Not to mention games having individual second screen apps

Think that's a basic rundown..

Software_Lover1433d ago

They just need to add 360/Xbox one streaming to the smartglass app and it's a wrap for me!!!

I love the Steam In-Home streaming and now I feel as if I need it for the Xbox.

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The story is too old to be commented.