Submitted by Wardrobe_101 380d ago | interview

What does it take to be the best Halo player in the world?

X-ONE speaks to pro gamers about the training, dedication and nerve it takes to challenge at the top table of Halo competitions. (Halo 4, Halo: Reach, MLG, Xbox 360)

DarkOcelet  +   380d ago
I never really played games to be no.1 i only played just to have fun even when i get butt handed to me , i still enjoy it . I think the only game that i ranked in the leaderboards really high was the mercenaries in Resident evil 5 .
Septic  +   380d ago
Wow...these guys spend A LOT of time practicing. Time for me, is a luxury I cannot afford. And I type this as I have a quadrillion other tabs at work doing like 5 things at once.

These lucky sods -_-'

Mind you, I wouldn't want to be confined to my house all day at this age.

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