PS4 Camera Receive Massive Price Drop At Amazon, Now Available Only For $43

Playstation 4 Camera which was announced with a price tag of whooping $60 has received a massive price drop of $17 at AMAZON. The retailer is selling Playstation 4 camera for just $42.91

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Abash1375d ago

Its been that price for a good while

Vystrel1375d ago

I would absolutely get one if there was video chat :/

Ripsta7th1375d ago

Yep same here, it might come soon though :) as of now the camera is pretty useless unless you stream and want people to see you

SuperBlur1375d ago

you have playroom too you know :D <3

Vystrel1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

No its only uses are twitch, face login, and playroom. Video chatting is so much more important to me than those things, either to talk to family or just screw around with friends

Goro1375d ago

Not that great, it's been $46 on Newegg for weeks.

XtraTrstrL1375d ago

Yeh, I bought it 2 weeks about on Amazon for $42, $45.xx after taxes. I don't like how you have to set the camera up perfect and move your position to fit your face in the box for when you stream though. I thought it'd find your face and put it in the box there. I found that strange, considering it clearly can find your face and track it like with Asobi.

Software_Lover1375d ago

Does it not move like the Kinect?

XtraTrstrL1375d ago

No, you have to position the cam and yourself so that your face is in the box. It's annoying, I guess once you get it perfect, and always sit in the same place then it's ok. It still is shocking that it works like that though. The camera can find faces though, because with the little games, they know where your face is if you move around or if others are in the room, Asobi can target faces. The avatar box though, when you stream - it doesn't move at all, so if you shift around it'll just be in the same spot all lamely.

sashimi1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

i'm got mine for like $30 once i get my rebate in a few months lol :( no tax too :)

SuperBlur1375d ago

no tax? what sorcery is this?!

SuperBlur1375d ago

you're lucky , tigerdirect canada has a very limited range of anything console gaming related

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The story is too old to be commented.