Papers, Please confirmed for Vita

Shahid Kamal Ahmad has confirmed via Twitter that papers please is coming to PS Vita, along with a PS4 release.

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Goro1314d ago

Not bad, the PC version of this game is quite highly rated.

GamingSinceThe80s1314d ago

Cool I have been wanting to play it since last year.

Dannycr1314d ago

For some reason I cannot understand, this game always picked my interest. My problem being that my current PC sucks and even a game like this will not run properly in it. Now It will be a good time to get it on Vita.

garos821314d ago

Excellent news! Was considering getting on ps4 but this seems to be suited better for vita.

Always wanted to play on pc but my laptop won't do

Perjoss1314d ago

I love this game! its one of those that when you hear about it the idea sounds boring but once you play it you understand why its so popular.

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