Bloodborne Devs Looking Into Photo Mode and How it Might Work

Junkie Monkeys: A recent tweet from Bloodborne dev Jun Yoshino shows that there is interest in adding Photo Mode into the game. Seeing as this is a game that has several features and a vibe similar to From Software’s previous titles, the Souls series, it’s safe to say that this is how photo mode might work in Bloodborne.

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xYLeinen1501d ago

How many players(%) actually uses a photo mode? I would not guess more than 5%. I'm sure it's a neat feature, and I've tried Last of Us with photo mode, but isn't this more fit as a DLC?

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1501d ago

One of the cooler new trends this gen. I've used it a couple times with Infamous Second Son. I prolly wouldn't use it with TLOU, seems like it would ruin the atmosphere. Driveclub definitely though. And Bloodborne...

equal_youth1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

you should give it a try at first i thought the same but then i tried it. Yo can really do some amazing stuff with all the filters and the color corrections, it even adds to the atmosphere.

Edit @ xYLeinen: No i don't think you should pay for it when it is actually just a nice bonus you can have a little fun with and send some good shoots to your friends.

equal_youth1501d ago

they should do this much more often in games that benefit from good graphics and cool environments :D

chrissx1501d ago

I think all Ps4 exclusives should be encouraged in implementing photo mode. Awesome feature