Metrico Review – Flawed Execution- PSLS

"They say not to take work home with you, but if you’re job consists of graphs, charts, and infographics, Metrico is putting all of that right into a platformer on your PlayStation Vita. It’s hard to explain without experiencing for yourself, but Metrico is what would happen if your Microsoft Excel data could output to a game. While conceptually intriguing, the execution is riddled with flaws that hold Metrico back from being anything more than a mediocre, yet unique puzzle-platformer. " - PSLS

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knifefight1468d ago

I agree with the frustrating elements, however, I still give them kudos for trying an "outside of the box" approach at designing their game. Hopefully they will learn from this experience. I'm glad they made the deal with Sony to have their game on Plus. Maybe they'll take the feedback and comeback with another unique (but this time satisfying) experience.