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Mikefizzled1263d ago

Codename: Crytek benchmarking game no4

Curious to see footage because even at its resolution and fps Ryse looked glorious on Xbox One.

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Insomnia_841263d ago

There goes the "exclusives".

We all know how the Xbox One will end up in a couple of years exclusives wise. Dead Rising and Titanfall will end up on other platfoms. PvsZGW is already on PS4. It will be the same as last gen, MS will pay for timed exclusivity to try and convince the blind ones that they have a lot of exclusives, then they will end up having ONE exclusive like last year.

You are not fooling many anymore, MS! And your sales numbers are letting you know that.

Linwelin1263d ago

What is wrong with timed exclusives ? I only use a PC now and do not intend to buy a console, instead i bought windows so why shouldn't Microsoft support the PC community that have purchased there product, just as you have purchased a console by Microsoft.

Works both ways, only the PC community has been neglected by Microsoft for years.

Blaze9291263d ago

I don't get the logic of you people. Everyone screams MS doesn't support and forgot the PC community - and when they release a game on what will be played on their OS, people get mad at them - still.

Can't win. Either way it's still a Microsoft platform the game is being played on. Windows or Xbox they still winning.

gfk3421263d ago

Now I strongly believe that also Sunset Overdrive and Quantum Break will come sooner or later (rather sooner) to PC.

ProjectVulcan1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

Dead Rising 3. Titanfall. Ryse. Xbox One games for for PC. Good stuff.

christocolus1263d ago

Lol. There goes insomnia trying to ridicule Ms and xbox one again..don't you get tired of it? How is timed exclusivity or ms supporting pc a bad thing? Isn't sony funding timed exclusives now?

With rising cost of game development expect to see lots of console exclusives get released on pc&other platforms..i.e Xbx one&pc, ps4&psvita&pc..

Also have you been to the future? how do you know all xbx exclusives will go pc side? So are you saying Qb, d4, halo wars, fable legends, phantum dust, crackdown, scalebound, gears, forza., rares ips(viva pinata, kameo,bk, Ki,conker),dance central etc will all go pc side? The truth is some of them could end up there after a year or two but most of them will remain on xbx. Also in the case of dead rising and ryse,both games were funded by MS. Titanfall on the other hand was co funded with EA&was always going to released on PC. Capcom and crytek are also in some major financial trouble so it makes sense that they would be putting these games on pc to generate income. Ms would be crazy to hold them back from doing so cos right now both capcom&crytek need all the cash they can get. Truth is it would be more surprising if these games came to wiiu or ps4.

MS and crytek are started out on pc(windows,DX, cryengine,age of empires, flightsimulator, mechwarrior etc) and if they decide to release certain ips of theirs on pc its ok imo but trying to downplay MS and xbox one cos of this news is just so naïve....but coming from you it aint too surprising.

SilentNegotiator1263d ago

What?? Microsoft doing exactly what they did last gen?! I'm shocked!

Perjoss1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

Meh, might grab it in a Steam sale once its around 50 to 75% off :)

mrpsychoticstalker1263d ago

You are actually the only one blind. It's a win win situation either for Windows or xbox. Can u see now?

NatureOfLogic_1263d ago

So the excuse to buy a Xbox One for the exclusives is now gone out the window. PC, PS4 and WiiU are the only consoles with true exclusives.

DevilOgreFish1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

Insomnia_84 2h ago
There goes the "exclusives".

We all know how the Xbox One will end up in a couple of years exclusives wise. Dead Rising and Titanfall will end up on other platfoms. PvsZGW is already on PS4. It will be the same as last gen, MS will pay for timed exclusivity to try and convince the blind ones that they have a lot of exclusives, then they will end up having ONE exclusive like last year.

You are not fooling many anymore, MS! And your sales numbers are letting you know that."

you're forgetting that Crytek is 3rd party and had great ties to PC gaming.

when it comes to "3rd party" companies, If it's Crytek, EA, Ubisoft, Capcom, SE, ect other 3rd parties. they have a possibility to come to PC. It doesn't matter a specific platform it originated from.

this is very good news for PC, i have this game for xb1, now i'll be able to play it in XHD 60 fps.

Ezz20131263d ago

i lol'd so bad that i'm lol'ing at my lol

andydalum1263d ago

I love how you throw in something likes sales numbers to something that is totally unrelated. The old "image" of the xbox one is what is killing the xbox one not the games. Just because they bring a game to PC after xbox one doesn't automatically mean ok yup it's coming to PS4. Microsoft has exclusives that i think are amazing including ryse in that statement. If you want to talk about exclusives microsoft has them this current gen they have proven that. Next time you want to insult a company over supporting all of their platforms think first.

badz1491263d ago

So, this is Crytek's answer for their bankrupcy problem? No wonder they fought to the teeth with MS to keep the IP. But the game is not such a huge seller on the Xbone, I doubt PC sales will be THAT much better considering how easy it is to pirate games nowadays.

But yeah...there goes another exclusive. Not that I'm surprised, though.

starchild1263d ago

A lot of Sony fanboys trolling this article. Not surprising.

I'll tell you what you always tell PC gamers: GTFO, this has nothing to do with you guys.

Why is it that whenever there is an article that isn't directly about the PC you guys act like it is forbidden for a PC gamer to comment even if they own consoles as well and even if the subject of PC gaming comes up in the comments? But somehow you Sony fanboys think it's ok to insert yourselves into every article even when it has nothing to do with Playstation. What massive hypocrites you are.

XBLSkull1263d ago

The most gorgeous console game ever released about to get more beautiful? Sweet, not a game I'd buy twice though, enjoy PC gamers.

FriedGoat1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

No XBLskull, the article said ryse was coming to pc, not infamous second son.

UltraNova1263d ago

Although I dont see how this is bad thing, generally speaking, since Crytek needs the money and MS has to cater to the PC crowd at sometime, I cant help but feel like the reasons to buy an xb1 are decreasing instead of increasing with time... No one can argue when it comes to true exclusives helping into making a set platform look more appealing to the undecided buyer...

Well my 290x will have to flex those dusty muscles come fall...

tee_bag2421263d ago

Wow for a PC/X1 related article there seems to be a big response from PS4 fanboys.

Wizard_King1263d ago

PC gamers won't want to buy this turd.

Full stop.

Gamer19821263d ago

Indeed PC getting Ryse and Halo MAster Chief Collection. So all you gtot left on Xbox is Forza?? I have a gaming PC so i'm glad I chose PS4 now with pretty much every exclusive including but not limited to PVZ garden warfare, ryse and titanfall all making it to PC. PS4 exclusives are still on PS4.

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Magicite1263d ago

With so many X1 AAA exclusives ending on PC, lots of people might consider skipping X1 this gen or buying when it gets dirt cheap.

ABizzel11263d ago

Buying mine for $199, have a $100 MS store gift card for trading in old games, and trading in my 360 since I don't use it anymore for another $100.

gfk3421263d ago

I don't think it's a good idea to trade your X360 towards a Xbone. Keep it and it will be better.

ABizzel11263d ago


I don't play it at all. It literally just sits there.

I have a PS4, PS3, Wii U, Gaming PC, PS Vita, 2DS, and a 360. I have literally no need for it outside of Games 4 Gold (which I can download on, and games are coming by the dozens to it so I might as well trade up to the XBO for $200.

Dante811263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

It's not the same audience in most cases, and there's only some overlap. MS has published a crap-ton of their games on PC because they know what's up.

Edit: Forza/Halo are up next!

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imt5581263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

At least @1080p and STABLE 30fps or 60fps on PC.

But @4K with much better and stronger GPU...

SilentNegotiator1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

That game is not worth benchmarking with; it's not like Crysis with big open areas.

starchild1263d ago

And? It's still a beast graphically and will likely be very demanding.

iNFAMOUZ11263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

might number x su**s e juicy di**

kenshiro1001263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

Blaze, releasing a game in which they implied was 'exclusive' to XB1/360 isn't exactly supporting the PC.

trywizardo1263d ago

its exclusive to MS , and PC is part of MS too ...
where did you get PS4 from this article ?!

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Blaze9291263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

4K resolution? that imma have to see. Looked great on Xbox One alone.

Still hoping for a sequel. Great game, everyone should try. No excuse now really. And don't play on anything less than very hard.

TekoIie1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

Too easy on anything lower than hard?

Blaze9291263d ago

pretty much. The easy difficulties don't give you the challenge you need to feel to ignore the game's slight repetitiveness.

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SuperBlur1263d ago

"I don't get the logic of you people. Everyone screams MS doesn't support and forgot the PC community - and when they release a game on what will be played on their OS"

Thats funny because here i thought the PC version was developed by Crytek and Published by Deep Silver. I dont see MS connected to it other then the OS which is an obvious one , who in their right mind during a financial crisis wouldn't release their pc game on it. lmfao

AnteCash1263d ago

So ryse was a time exclusive?

GryestOfBluSkies1263d ago

timed console exclusive, it seems.

n4gamingm1263d ago

That doesn't really mean its a time exclusive. Crytek is obviously struggling to me there helping them out. It should sell well i can see it being the new benchmark like crysis was.

Kayant1263d ago

That doesn't mean they this should have happened. It was announced as a full XB1 exclusive not coming to any other platform with no hints or nothing then bam just like with DR3 8/9 months after release it's announced on PC 6 months for DR3.

If you look at things expect from Fighter Within, Peggle 2 all other third party "exclusives" are coming to other platforms.

Peggle 2 being likely to come to other platforms soon given PVZ:GW is coming to PC/PS.

famoussasjohn1263d ago

Kayant Yeah but I'm sure no one expected them to be in a financial crisis where no one is getting paid for months. They had to sell the rights to Homefront and supposedly 'secured' funds to start being operational again. They couldn't just sit there and not pay their employees until they pump out a new game that isn't under exclusivity.

kenshiro1001263d ago

Uh, yes it does.

What's the point of buying an XB1 when they can't even keep their games exclusive?

SuperBlur1263d ago

You mean Deep Silver is helping them out since ya know they're the Publisher of the PC version...

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Malphite1263d ago

That was the game that I originally had a X1 preorder for. Since I cancelled my X1 preorder I never got the chance to play this game. I might pick it up on PC at some point.

jcnba281263d ago

Yep just like No Man's Sky.

Infamous2981263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

But no one said that No Man's sky was an exclusive, it was timed exclusive.

The_Sneauxman1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

Idk if you can put those on the same level or not. No man's Sky isn't being marketed as an exclusive that shows no signs of porting to PC. Everybody knows NMS is going to come to PC.

edit: what Infamous298 said

tee_bag2421263d ago

I agree. PS4 is hemorrhaging games to PC all the same. Albeit, at a slower rate.
"Exclusives" or "timed Exclusives" , they are still marketed the same way at press events.
Sony never said No mans Sky was a 'timed exclusive'. They used semantics and danced around using that phrase.

FriedGoat1263d ago

Tee bag that is the biggest load of horses**t I have ever read. I know your upset about xboxone losing exclusives and having literally no reason to exist, but come on.
Infact not one Sony published title this year will be available on pc.

tee_bag2421263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )


Haha Nice try but not remotely close. I couldn't give a stuff since I don't have a X1. Its a win for me since its coming to PC. Sorry you're upset by my unbiased obvervation but fanboyism seems to do that to people. Funny how a Sony fanboy cares so much about a X1 game coming to PC.

Gamer19821263d ago

Differnce is PS4 exclusives going to PC are all indie games not AAA. Unlike Xbox so the only way you can get those ps4 exclusive AAA games is on PS4.

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aquamala1263d ago

this shows that the label "Only on Xbox One" doesn't mean much still says Dead Rising 3 is "Only on Xbox One"

same with Ryse "Only on Xbox One"

pyramidshead1263d ago

haha wow.

Xbox gamers are now not only beta testers for current gen but now beta testers for third party exclusives that will have definitive additions launching on PC less than a year out. Looks PS4 is the only console that actually breeds value.

Gamer19821263d ago

It is kinda true as the PC versions sport new names like ultimate edition usually when they come out. So they saying only the basic edition is available on xbox one. So technically its true.

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Modi19841263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

Waiting for Quantum Break next year
no need for me to buy xbox one!

All_Consoles1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

Good luck waiting for that one to see an unlikely port while I play it on day 1

@buljo Alan wake had to be ported just to break even on sales which it failed to do. Quantum break looks to have much more hype behind it so I think it'll do better

Lon3wolf1263d ago

Don't know the question of a PC port/version has been asked in their FAQS on the QB site a fair few times, they have not responded to that question at all, maybe they need to keep silent at MSoft's request as it is jointly developed with them. Either way only time will tell.

RedDeadLB1263d ago

An unlikely port like, I don't know, Alan Wake?

NiteX1263d ago

Honestly I see Quantum Break selling even worse than Alan Wake. But, you never know.

TheGrimReaper1263d ago

Alan Wake had massive hype o.O
You know, while it was still open world and multiplatform?
To say Alan Wake had less hype is not true imho...

rainslacker1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

I hope it does do better. Alan wake was good, and if any game would make me get an X1 it would be least with what I've seen so far(actual game play footage may change my mind).

I think they're promoting it better than AW though. I remember watching the Alan Wake game videos and thinking, "Who would buy this game based on these trailers/demos". It was dreadfully boring.

On the other hand, despite it's hype, it's still a niche product. I'd place it in the same vein as Heavy Rain or Beyond in it's broad mass market appeal.

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LordMaim1263d ago

I can see that. It was the same way with Alan Wake, and the PC got a better version than we had on the 360.

styferion1263d ago

same here, seeing I already have a gaming PC I'm gonna postpone buying XB1 until at least Halo 5 if this is how it's gonna be. Who knows, maybe Sunset Overdrive will also be a timed exclusive.

RedDeadLB1262d ago

I wouldn't count on Sunset Overdrive coming to PC. Insomniac doesn't do PC and the game, feature wise, belongs on consoles. A PS4 port is less unlikely than a PC port, but I doubt we'll see either one.

--bienio--1263d ago

100% agree with you man:) And I really believe it gonna happen:)

Afterlife1263d ago

I know it has a good chance. I can't see myself buying a gaming pc. So I will stick with the Xbox One version.

Gamer19821263d ago

There will be a port of quantum break just like Alan Wake. So no need to get one at all really unless you really like Forza.

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DeadlyOreo1263d ago

Xbox One losing exclusives again. Giving more and more people less reason to pick the console up.