Twitch implements YouTube-like system for blocking copyrighted audio

Twitch users now need to be more vigilant about the music they play while making gameplay videos. Twitch is now scanning videos for unauthorized third-party audio — in-game and ambient music — and automatically muting that content.

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GribbleGrunger1388d ago (Edited 1388d ago )

Looks like Google has purchased them or they're getting prepared for the purchase. What a pity. R.I.P

Edit: that didn't take long

People are getting whole recordings muted, even when it's 'in game' music:

GribbleGrunger1388d ago (Edited 1388d ago )

Some guy just got his channel muted because he was singing ... I kid you not. Even Twitch's OWN channel is getting muted.

Hitbox is a decent alternative (so I've been told) and they're currently getting hammered by traffic. I wonder why? :)

user14394141388d ago

R.I.P Twitch it would not surprise me if Google will soon make you sign up to Google Plus to stream content from PS4 and XBOX ONE and even chat in the chats. I am so upset right now about this

NatureOfLogic_1388d ago

Everyone knew Twitch was done the moment google purchased them. Twitch is dead. This will open up a great chance for the alternative services to really shine and take over.

DragonKnight1388d ago

Welp, I knew that this was going to happen. We all did. Google just killed Twitch.

yess1388d ago

Alternative site, it's pretty new and i have not checked it out, just had the link.

M-M1388d ago

I actually had a feeling this was going to happen, it's the same thing as when Google bought out Youtube. Companies were complaining and preparing to sue Youtube(before Google bought it) because of the amount of copyrighted content uploaded. Google came to Youtube with open arms, stating that they had a system that could potentially fix the issue to where both sides were happy(well, it's one sided lol). I'm almost certain that a similar situation on Twitch occurred, which led them to being bought out by Google due to their copyright system.

TomShoe1388d ago

First Youtube, then Twitch. Hitbox, here I come, at least until they get bought up by Facebook or something.

Conzul1388d ago

You know what? Take a bubble because...

FUCK YOU GOOGLE! You buy everything and then make it WORSE.
You don't innovate - You stifle!
You don't connect - You censor!
You don't lead technology - You hold it back!

I can't believe this....nowhere is safe.
Sony needs to build their own version of Twitch, maybe with PSNow servers, so that we can get to "save forever" our streams back and not have to worry about Google's aggro content-ID flags.

FamilyGuy1388d ago

Google will eventually = Skynet

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majiebeast1388d ago

Its Darude Sandstorm! DUDUDUDUDUDUDUDUDUDU*muted*


Swiggins1388d ago

Twitch is dead, long live Ustream....

DeadlyOreo1388d ago

Until that gets snapped up by Google too.

1nsaint1388d ago

i think every thing that becomes large at some point gets to deal with copyright laws.

but yeah google wanting to purchase twitch is definitely speeding up the process.. :(

couldn't find any info about the purchase being final but is closing down so i think that says enough.

Goro1388d ago

Whenever a video service becomes a threat to YouTube in anyway, Google will just buy them out. The only way YouTube will ever be dethroned is if the owners of the other video services say no to Google's temptations.

Swiggins1388d ago

Sad but true, getting acquired by Google is like getting the kiss of death for content creators; especially those just trying to start out.

Nerdmaster1388d ago

Getting acquired by Google is like getting acquired by EA and having all of your franchises turned to sh*t.

wonderfulmonkeyman1388d ago

Teach me how to make a service like that, and not only will I open it, I'll make a video recording of me laughing long and hard at any offer Google should throw my way, before tossing the offer in the trash.
Sometimes there are more important things than money...

ChickeyCantor1388d ago

Ustream is garbage with their data cap.

Hitbox or gaminglive are better alternatives.

Goro1388d ago

FFS...Here we go, time for Google to destroy Twitch.

Testfire1388d ago

I can't believe some people were actually happy when Google bought them.

HammadTheBeast1388d ago

The top streamers will be happy, or will at least get the better part of the deal. They'll probably get paid the same or more by Google to keep viewers up. Everyone else is screwed.

1nsaint1388d ago

The ONLY good thing i could think of about google buying twitch was that the android twitch app finally would get on par with the IOS version.

Definitely not happy about it though

lameguy1388d ago (Edited 1388d ago )

For anyone streaming: If this happens to you, contact (and overwhelm) twitch support. It doesn't matter if you're streaming the same game, just on a different day. File another incident even if you know it's the same.

This goes for any service really - esp. YouTube. Support is one of the most costly aspects of running a service and typically every time a support call needs to be taken, the service has lost money for that user.

1nsaint1388d ago (Edited 1388d ago )

the muting doesn't happen while live broadcasting.

it only scannes and mutes pre-recorded footage like some streamers put out on their replay channel.
oh and past broadcasts apparently as well

i hope the community steps in before this spreads to live broadcasts as well!

mopground1388d ago

after watching a couple of live streams today just mute outta nowhere i think your statement is not true

1nsaint1387d ago

^^ really? wow that sucks. Was it really a random mute or did it happen after they ran a bathroom break screen with some music?

Also some channels are a replay from like the day before so maybe that got muted since its pre recorded.

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