Activision Won’t Launch a Subscription Model Similar to EA Access For Now

During Activision’s earnings conference call for the second quarter of fiscal year 2014, Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg was asked if the publisher has any intention to provide an online subscription service similar to Electronic Arts’ EA Access.

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Bigpappy1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

As expected. This has not even been tested yet. In fact EA has still not finalized all the details. Other will only follow suite if EA has success and getting gamers to buy in.

I think the early access and discounts on digital downloads will cause gamers to buy in, if it includes all new digital downloads, when the final version is made available. If that happens then you will see competing offerings from the other big publishers.

If this succeeds, it will surely hurt Sony's current model. If it fails to catch on then they have a much better chance to succeed with PSNow, as there will have no one competing for those oldies but goodies market. I don't see EA backing away from this very easily. They would find away to sweeten the pot.

nicksetzer11505d ago

Umm, activision has no games to offer yet. Realistically as of now only EA and Ubisoft have enough of a current backlog.

Godmars2901504d ago

Sony will likely just adopt PS Now into Sony-only games and invite EA Access onto PSN. Could take a hit if EA's version is more popular.

As likely it'll make GwG both redundant and limited.

ghostface91500d ago

how? rarely does a game from ea or ubsisoft much less make it on psplus or gwg so this will barely affect either services

ScorpiusX1506d ago

It's a lie they are thinking about it, just a matter of time.

Bonkerz1506d ago

Lets be honest here, Activision doesnt have the library to offer this kind of service. EA is like the PERFECT company to do something like this.

700p1506d ago

Yeah i was gonna say that. EA has many franchises unlike activision. Activision has like 3-4 franchises atm?

gangsta_red1506d ago

...For now.

But if EA and Sony are successful you can bet that a lot of the big company houses will do the same. I can even see these third party publishers going to little devs or indie houses and offering their services for their games to appear exclusive on their service.

Then it's going to be a whole different war of trying to secure games on a platform.

OrangePowerz1506d ago

Sony is offering something completely different by streaming games of previous generations while EA offers access to current gen games as downloadable games and that's mainly last years sport games.

To Activisions credit they never gouged their customers with online passes either as far as I remember.

gangsta_red1506d ago

Sony has already stated that their service could extend to PS4 games. And if successful that service can grow into something more than what it is now.

There is no doubt that their service will grow into something much more than what they are offering now if successful.

Volkama1505d ago

You shouldn't give Activision credit.

MichaelTM881506d ago

I think you are completely right. Well said...

ShowanW1506d ago

Microsoft DRM attempt netted them an IOU with EA and Activision. Mark my words watch MS, EA, and Acti during 2015.

Once Activision games catalog get a little bigger on the One (where they can start with 4-5 games like EA), they will follow down EA's path.

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