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13 Months Xbox Live Gold Membership £24.99

Dealspwn writes: The Xbox Live Gold fee is no longer mandatory to use services like Netflix or Hulu, but it will be needed for all online multiplayer and to grab your free Games with Gold titles, which have now extended to the Xbox One too. Unlike PS Plus, the games are yours to keep if your membership runs out. This offer has added an extra month to the deal, giving you 13 months of coverage. (Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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ZORDON  +   57d ago
UK and Europe, Only - dumb.
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kizzle32  +   57d ago
Where do you see that it is region specific? Under the specs it has Region - N/A So in theory it should work just fine on any account.
Dirkster_Dude  +   57d ago
He used the pound symbol so I assume this means the United Kingdom.
ZORDON  +   57d ago
I attempted to check out, and to register an account but it requires a billing address not in the U.S. It wasn't on the drop down list. Unless there is some kind of workaround :/
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wicked  +   57d ago
Just got one, now I'm good until November 7th 2015 :0)
oSHINSAo  +   57d ago
American Resident ?? or European ?
wicked  +   57d ago
RyanShutup  +   57d ago
The article suggests you get to keep the games when your Gold sub runs out... this is no longer the case.
wicked  +   57d ago
Still the case with 360

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