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Another Huge Hit for Nintendo As Hacker Managed to Exploit Mario Kart 8

Nintendo has been struggling with their Wii U Console since its debut and things are about to get worse as two hackers known by the names of MrBean3500vr and Chadderz uploaded four videos a Mario Kart 8 Mod that was possible by hacking the Wii U browser. These videos show the progress of the duo that allow them to propose “Customs Tracks” to the community. (Mario Kart 8, Nintendo, Wii U, Wii U Tag Already Exists)

dotwithshoes  +   343d ago
How is that another hit for Nintendo? Nintendo has been flying high since e3, and I doubt this will stop them. A quick patch and it's over with.
thunderbear  +   342d ago
Flying high? Isn't that exaggerating a bit?
nidhogg  +   342d ago
He's just quoting James Blunt.
dotwithshoes  +   342d ago
Well considering they just released MK8 which is one of the best sellers out at the moment, and Tomadachi(sp?) life for the 3DS and Smash right around the corner. Add to those a ton of other content, and year I'd say they are flying high.. compared to how they had been pre-e3.
ShinMaster  +   342d ago
Can you chat in Mario Kart 8 with friends yet?(don't care about strangers)
I'm thinking of picking it up soon.
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Shnazzyone  +   342d ago
@shinmaster Yes you have been from the start but only in a friend room lobby so the answer is actually. Yes... kinda.
scissor_runner  +   342d ago
Doesn't hack increase hardware sales? Remember people owning two ps3 because of it being hacked? This happened with wii also. That home brew was pretty impressive.
SilentNegotiator  +   341d ago
It's an exploit, not a custom OS.
SilentNegotiator  +   341d ago
OMG two hackers?! Another MAJOR BLOW!!

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Canadiangamernet  +   343d ago
Still they struggled a lot since the Wii U release. They are getting back from that but it would be the first next generation console hacked.
randomass171  +   342d ago
Hackers are everywhere online but they are generally unavoidable and their antics can get patched especially on consoles.
Theyellowflash30  +   342d ago

Dude, your article is idiotic, Nintendo can just release a patch.

"Still they struggled a lot since the Wii U release. They are getting back from that but it would be the first next generation console hacked."

Microsoft and Sony are struggling as well. How is the Vita doing? And the Xbox One is getting outsold by the Wii U worldwide.

Nintendo has the 3DS, that is selling really well right now.

Don't have a double standard. Nintendo is struggling, yet Sony and MS is fine?

Now you're writing a whole article based on a hacker? LOL this is flamebait, you know that.
Shnazzyone  +   342d ago
Uh, just so everyone understands. These two are fiddling with things and likely will never be able to take any of these things online. This is just them fiddling in the code.
XiNarutoUzumaki  +   342d ago
The world doesn't care about Canada
ReesesPuffs  +   342d ago
I don't know about that man. Canadians really know how to party :)
VicodinViking  +   342d ago
Any self respecting human in this world doesn't care about gay shit like Naruto, bud.
XiSasukeUchiha  +   342d ago
Bro this what you called an patch, or IP ban the dude who did it Tsuykomi to U sir!
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Metallox  +   342d ago
The hackers you mention are not even publishing their stuff anytime soon. Even if they release the hacks, Nintendo should be able to patch the game.

If the Wii U is still struggling commercially, that's another story, but the point of your piece is that the hacks will affect Nintendo, and it's not entirely the case.
deafdani  +   342d ago
As far as I understand it, this isn't actually a console hack, more lika a game exploit. A hack, if you will, for a single Wii U game.

In the long run, this could mean anything, or nothing. To jump to conclussions so soon is premature from your part, and your article definitely has too much of a "doom & gloom" tone to it, so don't act surprised if people disregard it as flamebait.
OtakuDJK1NG  +   343d ago
"Nintendo has been struggling with their Wii U Console since its debut and things are about to get worse as two hacker"

You have got to be kidding me!
LOL_WUT  +   342d ago
This doesn't sound good hopefully Nintendo patches the game to remove this exploit. ;)
DanielGearSolid  +   342d ago
If anything it'll boost sales until it gets patched.

I remember buying a 2nd psp just for cfw.
But I'm just one case
KaladinStormblessed  +   342d ago
Imo the custom tracks hack was pretty cool on mkwii, and I don't really see how this could "make things worse" for nintendo.. I don't remember wii sales going down because of a mk hack.
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thehobbyist  +   342d ago
Yeah, seriously. Call me when people are playing pirated games on the Wii U then we'll talk about how hacking damages sales. Actually, hold up. That doesn't damage anything either.
Nintendo would still make a profit even if people hack their console to play pirated games because the Wii U is the only next-gen console to profit off of hardware sales.
So while a hacked console means less software revenue. Nintendo is still pulling in a profit. Which will be hard to say the same for the PS4/Xbone once they start running into that issue.
R3DRAIN89  +   342d ago
Price drop is needed.
Realplaya  +   342d ago
You can get one for 200.00 so damn the excuses.
superchiller  +   342d ago
It really shouldn't cost more than $99 considering the cheap tech inside.
BitbyDeath  +   342d ago
PS3 isn't $99 and is less powerful.
$200 is a great price point IMO
KaladinStormblessed  +   342d ago
$300 is a good price for the Wii U, it's totally worth it, and the price isn't the reason why it didn't sell so well at first. It needs games, and the games are finally coming. There are a lot of great games coming out in the next year or so and should really help push sales.
mcstorm  +   342d ago
the biggest issu Nintendo had with the Wiiu and 3ds was again the poor support of the 3rd party developers and unless Nintendo can get some big name game out in the 1st few months of having the console on sale I will carry on like this for them.

If you look a the ps4 for example it has not got any must own exclusive game yet but it is selling amazing because it has the big 3rd party support for games ikw COD, BF, NFS, FIFA etc where when the Wiiu came out it got a half baked FIFA, cod without any dlc, no BF a late NFS and other IP's out back.

Now Nintendo have alot of exclusives like Lego city, both Mario games plus dlc, Mario kart 8, windwaker, pikmin 3, wonderful 101 and a more the line is very good and people will start to move over to Nintendo's next console but the so called cool kids wont look at it as its missing the cool kids games like gta, cod bf etc.
KaladinStormblessed  +   342d ago
I agree that nintendo is missing most big 3rd party games, and that is a problem. Those "cool kids" don't know what they're missing out on. I honestly find that cod has gotten a little boring. I have both AC's on wii u, NSF and fifa 13, and I'm pretty annoyed that their sequels won't be coming to wii U, I can't afford a new console, the fact that the third parties are just leaving people like me in the dirt is not cool. And I expected the third parties to continue to support it with their games, that's why I bought a wii u, for Nintendo exclusives and the fact that it actualy had 3rd party games, but that's all changed now that they've abandoned wii u. I still love my console and am looking forward to all the great exclusives coming out though.
superchiller  +   342d ago
LOL, $300 is a terrible price when you look at the cheap tech inside and missing features. $99 max is all Wii U is worth, and that's only if you're a diehard Nintendo fan.
scissor_runner  +   342d ago
You got a wireless monitor that function as a wacom cintq which cost $2000 a pop. Wacom doesn't even have a cintq that is wireless plus tech that is barely behind the ps4. Seriously you have no idea what you are talking about. Let me know when sony gives me a game pad for their current price.

Oh and try buying sram at the spec seen in the wiiu and get back to me on that price.
Metallox  +   342d ago
Don't troll like that, dude. Not even PS3 and 360 cost that.
NintendoSonyfan  +   341d ago
SO a more powerful system should sell for less than a PS3? Logic... it does not exist for you does it?
g-nome  +   342d ago
Canadiangamer , what is next , Mongoliangamer?
DCfan  +   342d ago
lol wii u dead.
Emme  +   342d ago
Clickbait, nothing to see here.
bumsick  +   342d ago
this isnt a big thing. the destiny beta has been hacked by loads of people on the xbox (not sure about ps) and no one is saying thats going to die horribly......
Canadiangamernet  +   342d ago
I am just pointing that Nintendo had problems driving the sale for their Wii U, i'm not saying that the console suck or its not good. I didn't know about Destiny been hacked i'll check it out.
Theyellowflash30  +   342d ago
You're just using tired old arguments to drive hits to your website more like it.

Funny how you didn't mention the NPD, Media Create, or any recent sales numbers to "attempt" to back up your point.

The Wii U is actually selling more than the Xbox One at this point, did you forget to put that part in.

You're just pointing out Nintendo has had problems driving sales for Wii U?

HOLY CRAP, we got a regular private eye over here guys?!

You know flaimbait on Nintendo draws hits, and you used this game exploit to do it.

Quit trying to act like you were actually writing an intelligent article. LIKE I SAID, I run my own gaming site.

If you want to talk about this LIVE we can, this article is FULL of S**T
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Canadiangamernet  +   342d ago
Thanks for the flaming. Hope your website is doing well. Heres a little reading from Wikipedia :

In January 2014, citing lower-than-expected sales during the 2013 holiday season, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata announced that Wii U sales forecasts for fiscal year 2014 had been cut from 9 million units to 2.8 million.[194] In light of this announcement, the Wii U's long-term viability, and its ability to compete with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, have been called into question.[195] In February 2014, Nintendo revealed that the Wii U had improved about 180% in year-over-year sales in the United States due to the launch of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, which sold 130,000 copies, making it the number four best-selling SKU for the month.[196] By February 26, Wii U sales had surpassed those of the Xbox 360 in Japan.[197] In March 2014, Nintendo sold just over 70,000 Wii U units, tracking it down 50% less than the GameCube and 90% less than the Wii during equivalent time periods.[198] During the month, total worldwide sales of the PlayStation 4 surpassed those of the Wii U.[199] During the first quarter of 2014, Nintendo reported that 310,000 consoles and 2.91 million software units were shipped worldwide.[5]
Fullmetalevolust  +   342d ago
Ugh, anybody who passes me by on the online multiplayer is a damn hacker in my eyes!! lol damn cheaters!
I should be number 1!!!
sAVAge_bEaST  +   342d ago
What a Horrible Title/Article

That is an example of an Exploit/Awesome/Hack.

(I doubt if nintendo even cares)
Moonman  +   342d ago
Fixed: Mario Kart 8 Is Another Huge Hit For Nintendo :)
DC777  +   342d ago
When there's no news just make shit up about Nintendo.
lilbroRx  +   342d ago
Indeed. I've pointed this out many times.

And look at the degrees this article is generating. It really shows the mentality of the majority of the people who use this site.

All they want to see regarding Nintendo is negativity. The Nintendo hate here is ridiculous.
randomass171  +   341d ago
Nintendo has had it tougher here for a while, but they have gotten a lot of praise since E3. Doom articles like these seem to be a trend on N4G and lately I see them hitting all the major players and not just Nintendo but they're all pretty lousy. Too much negativity in general IMO.
Broomfondle  +   341d ago
Why is this story still even open eh?

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