Watch NFL Rookies react to their Madden NFL 15 ratings

GameZone's Matt Liebl: "Earlier this month, I wrote how Donny Moore, EA Sports' Madden NFL Ratings Czar, is the most hated man on the Madden dev team. After watching this latest video, you'll understand why."

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Mikeyy1603d ago


Stop buying this awful game.

MonstaTruk1603d ago

They've got a Monopoly on the NFL for game license. When there's no other option to play professional football, the No.1 sport in America, it's hard for people to just go "cold turkey", even though they know they're getting shafted... :-/

2KSports, it's about that time, huh?

player0021603d ago

ya man same game every year i stopped buying only good sports game they have left is Nhl.Ufc was ok but they almost ruined it they need to improve next years by a lot

TearsOfARapper1603d ago

It's the same game every year, and I have the same amount of fun playing and talking trash with my roommates every year. If it's not what you enjoy, then don't buy it, and don't waste your time posting the same washed up comment about it too.

player0021603d ago

dude i can have a opinion right?Not saying its not fun saying they are to comfortable and barely change anything but the roster.I am glad you enjoy it but it's getting stale are you telling me you would not like a better looking game with better control new features really?I wonder what football games would be like now if 2K was still making them...You can continue to buy it for 2 or 3 new features i will update my rosters manually and enjoy the same game essentially...Enjoy this year's game Tearsofarapper nothing wrong with that if you like the same ol thing evry year by all means enjoy its about the gamer not the game I guess I just want them to do better and they are clearly not

MasterofMagnetism1603d ago

lol @ Manziel thinking his rating would be 88-92.

SolidDuck1603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

I know the game is a copy and paste. I buy madden every year and haven't really thought they made a good 1 since 08. Don't know why but I really liked 08. Now with no collage football gone it really is the only option. To bad those 2k rumors this year weren't true. I know that we all should just stop buying them till something changes, but I love football games so it's a tough choice.

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