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The Xbox One Game That Makes Kinect Look Good

NowGamer: "The Xbox One is short of games that make Kinect look appealing. Enter the game that makes Kinect look fun." (Fru, Xbox One)

gamer1138  +   98d ago
I have played this and it really is the best and most imaginative use of the kinect I have ever seen! If more indies get involved with the kinect it may finally meet some of its potential.
TimmyShire  +   98d ago
See if Microsoft can get more guys like this to develop for Kinect I think it wouldn't have such the negative stigma it does.
OwnageDC650  +   98d ago
It's best played with fat family members or your whale-like friends!
hkgamer  +   98d ago
definitely an interesting looking game. not really using the kinect features to its max potential but those look like a fun game to play.

this game does seem like it could be done with a simple webcam.

i do think we will get less and less of these games in the future though, kinect probably will reach 7 million users by the end of this gen. doubt it will get more than that.
sinspirit  +   98d ago
I wonder why there hasn't been a Black & White game from Lionhead that takes advantage of Kinect. It's a AAA game depending on if they took a sequel seriously and it kind of fits together with Kinect in order to shape the world and play a god.
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tuglu_pati  +   98d ago
I got to say this is a pretty smart concept
2cents  +   98d ago
lol, love the trailer.

Now with 100% more co-op...

Karate Kick!!! Hiii Ya!!!
Septic  +   98d ago
This would be brilliant to play with mates lol.
mhunterjr  +   98d ago
Hopefully this is the first of many good kinect games.
LAWSON72  +   98d ago
Fantasia and Dance Central might impress (not my cup of tea though lol). There is also that D4 game. Personally I don't really have friends over so the appeal of Kinect for gaming is slim to none for me, but I definitely see the potential
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mhunterjr  +   98d ago
Kids love the kinect games, and the dance central games are a riot at parties. I'm hoping for more games that speak to the core gamer in me. FRU and D4 look like they might be right up my alley...
XiSasukeUchiha  +   98d ago
This actually looks exciting to play, now MS remember this and make more game surrounding this.
skydragoonity  +   98d ago
Unfortunately it isn't good enough to save the kinect
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mhunterjr  +   98d ago
It hasn't been released... And kinect isn't dead...
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hkgamer  +   98d ago
like it or not, kinect games are going to die off.
christocolus  +   98d ago

Have you seen the future? Pls tell us more...smh


I think this game is great. Looking forward to it dance central and fantasia. Loves the first 3 dc games very much
klarax  +   98d ago
put and in front of kinect covers all game screen - win mode
welly300  +   98d ago
Wld love x1 with kinect but I see no point buying a inferior console to my ps4 kinect was its stand out feature.
tgunzz  +   98d ago
Ihatetrolls76  +   98d ago
Right now the xbox one feels more alive than the ps4 and seems to have more to offer than ps4 at the moment so I don't know how it's actually inferior. I've had some time with the ps4 it's a great system no doubt but it just feels so bland compared to the xbox one
LAWSON72  +   98d ago
I do not got a PS4 yet but I think the Xbone's interface is vibrant and lively with nice colors. It is just nice to look at lol, if only it had customization options. I think dedicated themes would be sick.
Ihatetrolls76  +   98d ago
I can't Waite to see more of this game looks really cool. I would like to see more indie games use kinect.
Ark_  +   98d ago
Good concept! Like it very much.
Ark_  +   98d ago
Is it odd that the game stirs my imagination about what Nintendo would/could do with Kinect? All that creative possibilities ... target audience might fit better as well.

... just daydreaming.

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