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Five Mech Games for the Summer Drought

James from Twinfinite writes: "It’s upon us. The summer drought. No big releases are on the horizon while the sun is high in the sky and the games press is still recovering from E3.This most woeful of times in the life of a gamer. We wade through torrents of new titles in the fall. We clamber up the walls of spring’s release schedules. Even in the winter we dig through the snow to grab the latest gem to hit the scene. Summer, the time when most people usually have the most free time to play, is a sun-scorched wasteland where the mirage of Fall’s releases sit on the horizon, laughing maniacally while preparing to assault your wallet. The cure? Bring on the Mechs". (Armored Core: Verdict Day, Culture, Hawken, TitanFall, Watch Dogs, XCOM: Enemy Within)

miyamoto  +   73d ago
Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation on PS3 is the best this summer!
Two years running and still awesome!
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