What If Halo 4 Was Powered By Unreal Engine 4

What's the best way to show off your skills? But of course by re-creating famous games in different engines. Polycount's member 'Hristo Rusanov' has shared some images from his WIP map based on Halo 4. This map is being created in Unreal Engine 4, thus giving us a glimpse at what a Halo game would look like in Epic's engine.

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Immorals1259d ago

Those textures are unreal!

liquidhalos1259d ago

It wouldn't feel like a halo game surely

crxss1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

pretty. i'll always be a sucker for Halo ever since Halo 1 and 2 lan parties. looking forward to Halo 5... crap that means i have to get an xbox one

thehobbyist1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

Do the current gen games support LAN? I'm legitimately curious. With all the talk of online has LAN been forgotten?

xalener1258d ago

I don't think you know how game engines work.

liquidhalos1258d ago

Enlighten me then as to how a game made in a different engine by a completely different amateur team can make halo 4 feel like halo 4 on a pc.

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frostypants1258d ago

What if DSOGaming quit writing silly "what if" articles?

corvusmd1259d ago

This would be great if we played screenshots

SilentNegotiator1259d ago

Or all had extra expensive gaming rigs.

Irishguy951258d ago

Yeah 500-600 quid gaming PC's

Qrphe1259d ago

Playing at solid rock silky smooth 8fps is always fun as long as it's bullshots like the ones from the article.

Allsystemgamer1259d ago

How is this a bullshot? It's an artists render...

Eldyraen1259d ago

I'm waiting to see what Epic is actually doing with it as they are staying way too quiet atm.

zep1259d ago

lol unreal engine still looks like plastic like last gen lots of unreal engine games that looks like plastic

zep1259d ago

plastic plastic plastic

TheDevKit1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

You do realize that has little to do with the engine itself and is up to the developer utilizing it?

zep1258d ago

whatever guys but to me all the game that was made using ureal engine last gen looks like plastic

xalener1258d ago

Engines don't look like plastic. That's like saying the foundation of your house tastes purple.

Fluchtpunkt1259d ago

why don't they use their skills in creating own great shit?

annus1259d ago

How dare somebody have a hobby, this is outrageous!!!

Who's to say they don't create their own stuff? Isn't a fan allowed to recreate something in their own spare time?

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The story is too old to be commented.