Sony Working on Multimedia App for Consoles: PS4 MP3 Playback Finally Coming?

At the moment the PS4 is slightly weak on its multimedia features, due to the lack of MP3 playback capabilities and other gaps here and there. Turns out that Sony is looking into expanding its consoles’ media capabilities.

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XiSasukeUchiha1640d ago

Yes, Yes, thank you Sony bring back that MP3!

gaffyh1640d ago

Forget MP3, I want video playback. Should have launched with all this stuff at the very least.

alexkoepp1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

Agreed, I just want at least the ps3 video functionality back, but ideally expand it to include widely used video formats avi/wmv/mpg/mp4/mkv/flv and why not throw in flac audio support too while you are at it.


And 3d support as well as cd playback.

thereapersson1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

GaffyH, you must not've experienced the PS3 around launch. Even when I got my PS3 5 months after it launched, it still lacked DLNA support. These things come in time...


Alexkoepp, that is the first non PlayStation bashing, logical comment I've seen from you in a while. Much better...

UltraNova1640d ago


Hell to satisfy you man they need to partner up with VLC just as they did with youtube!

Imagine VLC and all their codec support on your that's an update I would love to hear announced!

And full 3D support, common Sony!

Ares84HU1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

Things that should have been there from the start......

Just saying.


But the PS3 already had these features when the PS4 launched so a sane person would have assumed that those features would be standard on the PS4 from day 1. But I guess I want too much....

gaffyh1639d ago

@thereapersson - I've had my console since the EU launch, and yes it was barebones, but I would have expected the next generation consoles to have learned a few things at least. Local media playback is probably holding a lot of people back from upgrading.

JustCallMeDaddy1639d ago

Wait, so you guys don't have any of that??

... Slowly backs away...

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CoTton_MoUtH1640d ago

So when should we expect this 2016?

SnakeCQC1640d ago

Id love to be able to put my own movies onto it too

THC CELL1640d ago

PlayStation Walkman app please it's awesome on xperia phones

infamous-butcher1640d ago

I loved it on my k750i and k800i but I found lately on the x10 mini and xperia T it can't seamlessly play consecutive tracks on an album without a gap between them.

OpenGL1639d ago

Agreed, I love it on my Xperia Z1.

Sony really needs to bring back mp3 and local video playback, I put a 1TB hard drive in my PS4 for a reason!

mushroomwig1640d ago

It would be nice to listen to music in-game without having to pay an extra subscription!

Utalkin2me1640d ago

You can use a nice headset and they have extra ports for audio devices such as PC,Mp3 players or phones.

LOL_WUT1640d ago

You can say that again ;)

ColeMacGrath1640d ago

It would be nice to listen to music in-game without having to pay an extra subscription!

memots1640d ago

It would be nice to listen to music in-game without having to pay an extra subscription!

marloc_x1640d ago

It's about controlling content and milking wallets..

thereapersson1640d ago

marloc, Yoshida already said Music Unlimited wasn't going to be the in game solution, so that conspiracy is already debunked.

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wsoutlaw871640d ago

whats even worse is that subscription service is very lacking in capabilities. Adding stuff to your library was a pain and then there was a limits on the amount and poor play options.

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vandal GAB1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

Does seem strange that this wasn't included at launch but still a welcome addition, keep the updates coming Sony.

+1 for the Walkman app idea it's awesome on my z1.