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Top 10 Greatest PS4 Games of All Time

This list is rated best Top 10 PS4 Games from PS4 Users. (Next-Gen, PS4)

PSNintyGamer  +   442d ago
Of all Time?
How can such a list exist when the PS4 is not even close to the end of it's life yet?
JP1369  +   442d ago
Especially when it hasn't even been out a full year. Garbage article.
Abash  +   442d ago
This was definitely poorly thought out. It should be "The Top 10 Greatest PS4 games out now"
sonarus  +   442d ago
@Abash even then that isn't saying shit. There aren't nearly enough Ps4 games out right now and not nearly enough time has elapsed since Ps4 release for such a list to make sense
Elimin8  +   442d ago
@ PSNintyGamer and JP1369, thats what I said...
johndoe11211  +   442d ago
A lot of "gaming jornalists" are running out of FUD stories to write so they need to create filler stories to keep people clicking on their websites. This article is not just an insult to gamers but also to the entire human race. Hang your head in shame mr. author, hang your head in shame.
Imalwaysright  +   442d ago
"An insider, an insider! My kingdom for an insider!"
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Timesplitter14  +   442d ago
You know a "Top 10 games" list is made way too early when it contains a FIFA game, a Need for Speed, and a pre-game DLC (Ground Zeroes)
VforVideogames  +   442d ago
really? like REAlly? I mean REALLY? flame bait what is wrong with journalism this days.
SolidGear3  +   442d ago
Hahaha. I was thinking the same damn thing. Hasn't even been a year yet! Get back to me after at least 3 years. Hell, even a year minimum -_-
iiorestesii  +   442d ago
This list is rated best Top 10 PS4 Article Submissions from PS4 Users.
XiSasukeUchiha  +   442d ago
This list should exist at the end of the cycle, not the beginning SMH
Neonridr  +   442d ago
And by "All Time" we mean the past 7 months.. ;)
jackanderson1985  +   442d ago
Technically speaking that is all it's time at the moment . Still a joke of an article though
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Pintheshadows  +   442d ago
Click the sites name. Rate as WTF and No. Keep garbage like this off of N4G.
F4sterTh4nFTL  +   442d ago
LOL, only 1 exclusive, the rest multiplats.
Applejack  +   442d ago
That tends to happen when you make a top 10 list of all time greatest games with a console that is only 7 months old...
F4sterTh4nFTL  +   442d ago
Multiplatstation 4.
bahabeast  +   442d ago
rextraordinaire  +   442d ago
Of all time?

For real? 0_o
Software_Lover  +   442d ago
DoctorJones  +   442d ago
Lol. Small pickings really. I'm waiting for the games to show up that actually make me want a ps4. Nothing has arrived yet, and it's looking like the end of 2015 until that time comes.
johndoe11211  +   442d ago
HAHAHAHA!! Good one.
DoctorJones  +   442d ago
What is? The fact that there's nothing on ps4 that interests me this year, or that there will be by the end of next year?

Please, do tell.
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MasterCornholio  +   442d ago
He did say "interests me" so he isn't trolling.
johndoe11211  +   442d ago

Doesn't matter what the hell comes out on a ps4, he ain't getting one.
DoctorJones  +   442d ago
'Doesn't matter what the hell comes out on a ps4, he ain't getting one. '

Lol, good one. I have a ps3 that I love that has great games on it, I have a backlog that will see me through for some time. This year I will be getting Little Big Planet 3 to look forward to.

Unlike you I don't care about companies and only care about games. At the moment there is nothing I want on PS4, nothing. But the same could be said for the PS3 until 2009, I didn't want it because there was nothing that interested me until then.

Then 2009 came about with Demons Souls and UC2 and that changed. We're not all like you, we don't all bow and scrape to our imaginary Console Gods and we wait until the games come along.

So don't tell me what I will or won't be getting, because that choice is not down to you. When the PS4 has games I want, I'll get one. But for now, it isn't happening.

Get your fanboi goggles off once in a while and you might think like a rational human being.
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bleedsoe9mm  +   442d ago
the of all time part made me laugh , not sure there are 10 great games available for the ps4
GW212  +   442d ago
Agreed. Neither console has 10 great games to speak of right now. This article needs to be written in a year or two.
bleedsoe9mm  +   442d ago
maybe 10 good games together
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OrangePowerz  +   442d ago
Greatest games of all times list for a console that is out since half a year?
No_Limit  +   442d ago
Why is Knack and Killzone: SF not on the list?
F4sterTh4nFTL  +   442d ago
Because they are average at best.
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mt  +   442d ago
I read it Top ps3 not ps4 because are you kidding me ? PS4 still hasn't got 10 greatest games, yet.
Corpser  +   442d ago
Ps4 owners vote with their wallet, The best selling ps4 game of all time is cod ghost
MasterCornholio  +   442d ago
This should made at the end if the year.
Illusive_Man   442d ago | Trolling | show
NintendoYouth  +   442d ago
who ever wrote this article out...
hell, the idiot who thought "of all time" when talking about a 7 month old console...

wow, what an asshole
Gamings-Last-Legend   442d ago | Spam
kewlkat007  +   442d ago
If this is not Click bait, then I'm not sure what is these days..

All time...lol
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iiorestesii  +   442d ago
I hope someone remembers to throw this in GTX's face in about four months.
MasterofMagnetism  +   442d ago
Way too early for an All Time list.

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