Dead Rising 3 PC E3 Trailer

The critically acclaimed Dead Rising 3, an exclusive launch title for Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft, will be available for PC digital download on Steam globally and a retail version for Windows PC in Europe in summer 2014.

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Kayant1506d ago

Well that sure don't take long from the discover in the steam database.

Looks like it's published by capcom as well.

Septic1506d ago

Does this qualify as MS supporting the PC crowd?

Kayant1506d ago

Hmmm I don't think so since it's published by capcom but MS have been showing some support so far with the recent games, XB1 console support, so we will have to wait and see how far it goes but it looks like it's changing.

styferion1506d ago

that'd be nice move from them, though not quite advantageous for XB1.

so.. maybe Quantum Break will make the same move? since Alan Wake also did this timed exclusive.

Septic1506d ago

MS would be silly to allow QB to go to PC.

They have that awkward balancing act of keeping their promise to PC gamers whilst retaining unique experiences for the X1.

christocolus1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )


I think this is part of MS supporting PC,afterall they funded and published the game so if its going to pc then they definitly would have to ok such a move.They have a great relationship with capcom too,infact i actually now believe that capcom may be working on another xbox one exclusive game which will be revealed at E3, however, master insider shinobi says this isnt the dead rising 3 info he was talking about earlier.he thinks there is going to be some big announcement at MS conference regarding the game. What do you think?

NewMonday1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )


didn't expect DR3 to come to PC but here we are, AW released on PC so it will be the same for QB and also Sunset Overdrive.

now people will expect other exclusives to become multi-platform and that will deflate their effect.

alexkoepp1506d ago

PC and Xbox is where all the best games are, enjoy DR3 PC gamers, its a ton of fun.

DevilOgreFish1505d ago

to bad this game suffered from being a launch title, launch titles almost always struggle with new hardware. I'm sure the console will get better optimized games down the road.

Anyways, i'll be the first to admit the content of this game of looks way better than watch dogs. watch dog's bright colorful trees and grass gave me an ache on PC.

Revolver_X_1505d ago

No, this qualifies as another timed exclusive.

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Future_20151506d ago

finally I can play it on my pc, just got a 4K monitor so should look good in 4K and hopefully 60fps

Volkama1506d ago

The Samsung one? I'm tempted to get that for my spare PC, even though it hasn't got a hope in hell of running games at that resolution.

OH! I wonder what resolutions you can stream with Steam's in-home streaming? Hmmm I could be onto something briliant here...

OwnageDC6501506d ago

I'm glad this game is coming to PC. Hopefully more Xbox One games make their way over as well.

ZodTheRipper1506d ago

Well so much for "exclusive" ...what's next, Sunset Overdrive PC version?

PockyKing1506d ago

Does it even matter if it's not exclusive anymore? This series went multiplat so it didn't really make sense to go back to being exclusive in the first place. I bet we'll see it on PS4 soon enough as well.

ZodTheRipper1506d ago

Well it kinda matters if you advertise it as exclusive ...of course it's not surprising and of course Sunset Overdrive is unlikely to release on PC. It just makes you wonder whether that's the newly announced strategy Microsoft is taking for PC gaming... it would certainly benefit PC gamers but it would make the Xbox less attractive.

PockyKing1506d ago

Well, it was "exclusive" for the time it needed to be, the console's launch. Personally, I don't think it being advertised as an exclusive really matters at this point in time.

Yea you are right though, glad to see Phil living up to his promise of bringing more things to the PC, should please many people :)

Septic1506d ago

I doubt that will come to PC.

Dead Rising from Capcom is a no-brainer because well, this is Capcom we're talking about and Dead Rising has appeared on multiple platforms before iirc.

SixtyNine1506d ago

don't be silly..
on the bright side, the game will benefit from even better hardware.

Sonyslave31506d ago

The same can be said about the ps4 and list on Pc/Ps4 games.

GameDev11506d ago

Errr no it can't, Indies on PS4 were already developed for PC anyway, SOE titles are also developed for PC first

But AAA titles for PS4, Knack, Infamous ss, Killzone Shadowfall, Drive club won't be going on PC like DR3 or Titanfall

styferion1506d ago

I doubt Sunset Overdrive will come to PC, but maybe Quantum Break will, seeing Alan Wake's history.

DigitalRaptor1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

Moneyhatting/timed exclusivity doesn't pay MS.

Plants vs. Zombies, Dead Rising 3, Titanfall.

Quantum Break is going to be on PC. Give it 1-2 years after launch. Count on it. This should call into question every third party deal MS closes, as if last gen didn't give enough indications already.

DevilOgreFish1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

Quantum break might come to PC, it's still up to them however, and even if it does, i know it won't be soon.

HappyWithOneBubble1506d ago

DR3 was never a true Xbox exclusive. MS paid time exclusive.

GiantEnemyCrab1506d ago

Capcom reps came out and said it will never be on PC or PS4. This was capcoms own words. It was a lie obviously but I can see why people would say that considering Capcom made the statement.

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kingxtreme811506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

Great news for the PC crowd.

Even though I had a blast with DR3 at launch on XBO, I may go ahead and buy it again on PC when the price is lower if the PC version looks/performs that much better.

Septic1506d ago

This isn't the kind of game I would play on PC but I do hope this results in some discounts for the X1 version.

Kayant1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

"This isn't the kind of game I would play on PC" - Why not? If it's controllers then it has controller support.

Edit -

Oh ok fair enough that's understandable :)

Septic1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

Yeah its just me personally. I'm either getting old or lazy. I just don't play on PC that much anymore (but will play some RTS' or 'oc-centric' games from time to time).

I'd rather sit back and play on the controller (wirelessly).

Its just me. Not saying that this isn't a game suited for PC. Its just me...if it came out on PC, I wouldn't really buy it on there if its discounted. My X1 is in my living room so I'd just lie down and play this. I'm just thinking out loud here btw.

NYC_Gamer1506d ago

Why not?you could hook your rig up to the TV and use Microsoft & Sony controllers.

MasterCornholio1506d ago

To be honest it doesn't look like it takes much to run a game like this. Especially since the graphics are pretty subpar but its a fun game and im pretty sure plently of people will enjoy it on PC.

Septic1506d ago


I have actually managed to hook my PS4 controller to my PC (well my bro did it for me) but its wired. It needs to be wireless for me (yes I'm a lazy sod).

Dark_Vendetta1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

Actually it's pretty easy to connect your Xbox 360 or Ps3 controller wirelessly to your PC. For the 360 gamepad use the Bluetooth dongle, and for the Ps3 one just the software "MotionJoy" (if your PC has Bluetooth). Should be even possible to use your Xbox One Controller as the drivers have been officially released today by Microsoft.
--> Problem solved

Edit: don't know if MotionJoy works with the Ps4 controller too, but there are always solutions, just google it. Don't be lazy ;), especially not if it's your hobby

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NYC_Gamer1506d ago

It's time for people to realize just because deals are signed for software to be exclusive on console that doesn't mean the title can't release on PC

Deividas1506d ago

Hopefully this will shut all those fools up who were so adamant on "this will NEVER be released for PC, its a Xbox One exclusive forever". Like come on.

And Im glad to see it because I will be getting it for PC myself. Good stuff

bienio1506d ago

From what you write,I ?understand that in the future can we also expect Pc version Quantum Break???

Deividas1506d ago


Well its not a far fetched idea. Its developed by Rememdy which isnt a 1st party studio, though they a strong relationship with Microsoft and would be a lower chance for PC version. Alan Wake took forever to get to the PC. And if Microsoft does want to do justice to the PC crowd they might but not for a LONG time if they were planning on it. Wouldnt hold my breath on that one though.

Capcom has released tons of PC games and always has, hence why this one was more likely and foolish to think it would be an Xbox One exclusive forever

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