June Xbox One software dev kit gives devs access to more GPU bandwidth

Phil Spencer :

"June XboxOne software dev kit gives devs access to more GPU bandwidth. More performance, new tools and flexibility to make games better"

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No_Limit1419d ago

Great news for XB1 owners. In Phil Spencer we trust!

Blaze9291419d ago

Microsoft being the software juggernauts they are known to be! Phil's doing a great job with Xbox One as of late. So quickly too - it's amazing.

mcstorm1419d ago

I agree. Love what has been done with the xbox one so far and I do think its only going to get better and better as this gen goes along.

christocolus1419d ago (Edited 1419d ago )

Phil is doing great.I must say. The xbox software team have been on their toes since launch. I think a lot devs have been waiting for this. Infinity ward will be very happy about this. Great job guys.

Offtopic: I think 343 or some other developer i.e black tusk or epic will show off a game at E3 which will also be used to demonstrate what can be achieved with dx 12 on xbox one. Its just a thought.hopefully it comes true.


Lol. Software juggernauts.. You are damn right. This is actually one of their biggest strengths. The console is already looking so different from what it was at launch.

headblackman1419d ago

i like xbox and phil spencers leadership in the xbox division, but id rather stick with in God we trust!

cubcake1419d ago

The updates and direction have been amazing! Phil is doing an awesome job.... and has done more than God/god, Allah, Krishna, Jesus, Mohammad, The Flying Spaghetti Monster, Zeus... combined.

*fist pump*

TheRedButterfly1419d ago (Edited 1419d ago )

No. Keep religion out of this.

vega2751418d ago

Any idea when the update will roll out. I already have my 5TB hard drive and I want to start transferring my stuff over. Can't wait

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Kayant1419d ago

Let's see how this helps with Q3/Q4 games. Good news for XB1 owners sounds like the kinect/snap system reservation has been reduced.

Illusive_Man1419d ago (Edited 1419d ago )

It'll help. Games are already starting to look damn near indistinguishable on either platform. The only way differences are being discovered are under heavily detailed scrutiny by DF.

Did people really think X1 games would stay 720p? C'mon Man!

Slightly off topic but Forza Horizons 2 is 1080p.

cruzngta1419d ago

Certain people were hoping XB1 would stay at mostly 720p and that is just ignorant because it already had achieved 1080p in several games. I always feel the games are just a bit more crisp and colorful on my XB1 than my PS4 except of course for exclusives. Lots of pop in on PS4 games that deliver 1080p and that annoys me when I see it. Some games on XB1 have better looking textures as well so I think all of this debating is just a load of shit anyway. PS4 is a beast and so is XB1 and they are both going to improve over time. I have several titles on both machines and they all look very close and in some cases better on XB1 as I said b4. Some games are a little better on PS4. Its not what some people are trying to make it seem. I know because I have both and have spent alot of money on many titles for both as well as versions for each to compare on several different tv's / monitors. I am a geek with this shit and like I said its very close people. Just enjoy them for what they are.

Freedomland1419d ago

Meanwhile "ICETEAM" is sitting in their offices, eating doughnuts. Right?

n4rc1419d ago

Maybe... You're the only one saying that.. Lol

marlinfan101419d ago (Edited 1419d ago )


i didnt see anyone mention them or sony.

SuperBlunt1419d ago

To those saying the xbox games look more colorful on xbox vs ps4 all you have to do is go to your settings on ps4 and put rgb range to full. I just messed with it and the difference is ridiculous. God knows why they didnt just automatically enable it

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JohnathanACE1419d ago

As the console generation goes on these consoles are just going to get more powerful.

cruzngta1419d ago

So happy that Phil is THE 'HMFIC' for Xbox now. This should help put an end to all of the bullshit 'XB1 cant do 1080p' and inferior multiplat crap that keeps surfacing. Its a beast of a machine and Phil is undoing all of the elements that were holding back its full potential. Every move he has made has been solid and right b4 E3 - this is huge for us XB1 brethren. Thank you Phil.

imt5581419d ago (Edited 1419d ago )

Quote :

"...So happy that Phil is THE 'HMFIC' for Xbox now. This should help put an end to all of the bullshit 'XB1 cant do 1080p' and inferior multiplat crap that keeps surfacing..."

Great news, but 1.32 TFLOPS and ALU, ROP's, CU's will not change.

Anyway probably this is ~8% GPU reservation for Kinect, now it will be free.

akaFullMetal1419d ago

Yea I believe this is that 8% gpu reserve being opened up for games. Were they saving that for kinect? If that is true, then kinect isn't so central anymore in there plans for the future possibly?

Teddy-Duchamp1419d ago

Cruzngta, don't take offence mate, but how do you come to the conclusion these two consoles are remotely close in terms of power/ performance? I think we've all heard the "I've got both consoles story" it seems common practice amongst fanboys in an attempt to make readers believe they're giving unbiased opinions.

To be fair, your comments regarding buying the same game for each console, then testing them on (in your own words) "several different tv's/monitor's does seem a tad far fetched.

In the very same post you concluded the consoles are very close and we should enjoy them for what they are., by your own admission have gone to some pretty time consuming, not to mention expensive lengths to prove parity between said consoles.
This kind of contradicts your own advice when you wrote "Enjoy them for what they are"

If you prefer Xbox that's cool bro, but to say these machines are virtually equal would be ignoring the facts.
On pure gaming alone, pound for pound, one of these consoles excels over the other.
This is not a insult to Microsoft, it's just a massive praise to Sony.

FalloutWanderer20771419d ago (Edited 1419d ago )

You were doing so well until the last sentence tisk tisk.I could be on here saying similar immature,tedious things about how my gaming PC crushes both the ps4 and xbox one but I don't.

You people need to get a grip. I cannot help but think it;s this "new" mentality. Are you all children or do you work for the respective companies that a majority insist on worshiping? All the while slinging shit on the other platforms.

I am telling you, a lot of people on here are in need of some serious help,need to grow the hell up,save up so they can enjoy more than one console/platform or last but not least, I hope Microsoft and Sony are paying you well.

That is how bad it looks.

"nana a booboo...i gota ps4...its soooo strong...ha beat that!"

" Na ahh my xbox is da most powerfulset takebacks"

Teddy-Duchamp1419d ago

"I could be on here saying similar immature,tedious things about how my gaming PC crushes both the ps4 and xbox one but I don't."

Oh but you did.
You just tried to stealth plant it in the guise of sarcasm.
Calm down though fella, I agree with most of your wisdom.

I think coke kicks Pepsi's ass, lets not get too upset about it though.
It's just opinion.

FalloutWanderer20771417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

A high-end PC does trump console.Even the most jaded,zealous fanboy knows that deep within their dark,deprived,jealous heart.

The point is I am not going around blabbing that and throwing it in peoples faces. There is a huge difference and you know it.

Opinions are like a$$holes,unless that particular person has theirs sewed up shut,then yeah, they don't have an opinion lol.

Fair enough. I enjoy coming to this site for the gaming news and every time I see negativity and the d**k measuring console contest,it irks me. I apologize for coming at you in any derogatory way. I sincerely just want more people to get a long,simply put.

Pepsi over coke, coke is too acidic :P

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