Dinosaurum On Why Without Memory Is PS4 Exclusive, 'Terms of Cooperation Weren't Favorable' For X1

Sales and next-gen technology are two big reasons why Without Memory is a PS4 exclusive.

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Mega241386d ago

idk the immune to hacking reason, give the pirates time enough they will break that wall, as they did with the old ones, it always happens.

I knew about 40 people who had their ps3's and 360's modded for piracy, they even had the achievements and trophies of those pirated games.

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1386d ago

you know alot of ppl damm i only know about 10 ppl tht have video games personally

TheUndertaker851386d ago

Yup, just like those hacked PS Vitas /s

Not saying it's unhackable but well... There's obviously a reason they haven't even come close to breaking that wall.

Magicite1386d ago

more and more developers will understand that making games for xbo is waste of resources.

diesoft1386d ago

So sayeth the fanboy unto thee, "Taketh that, Microsoft. Foreth I have chosen a side and will demonstrate to the world how stupideth I is and will exalt a corporation above all others as they will feed me, clothe me, give me love and shelter."

You are a customer. Sony, MS, Nintendo, they exist to make money. It is fine to have a preference but to blindly devalue everyone else because they didn't choose what you chose is moronic. Stop being a moronic fanboy.

Concertoine1386d ago

It seems like i see at least one of these "why it's not coming to xbox one" articles a week. MS needs to fix something, clearly.

truefan11386d ago (Edited 1386d ago )

It has nothing to do with MSFT fixing anything, this is the new marketing scheme for small indie games. If there was no mention of XB1 in the title no one would click this article.

@Allsysemgamer I'm not blind, MSFT had over 250 indies signed up for [email protected] months ago: including the Behemoth making an XB1 exclusive. Not every partnership works out and that's fine, but now to announce why______ game isn't coming to Xb1 is a new way of marketing.

Allsystemgamer1386d ago

Or you could not be a blind fanboy and do some research and learn there IS a problem with MS and indies.

Moe-Gunz1386d ago

Just because devs are signed up doesn't mean they will be developing for the platform.

medman1386d ago (Edited 1386d ago )

Whatever helps you sleep at night guy!! LOLOLOOLOL!!! You have to laugh at all the apologists for after game after game not coming to xbone...good luck with that. This just in...more games > less games. LOLOLOLOL!!!

GribbleGrunger1386d ago (Edited 1386d ago )

Those are extraordinary logical gymnastics, Trufan1. I commend you on your unerring ability to pervert reality in so many ways.

You'd better hope this 'marketing campaign' doesn't catch on ...

GarrusVakarian1386d ago (Edited 1386d ago )

"I'm not blind"

I think you are. You're clearly showing an unwillingness to accept that MS's indie policies aren't favourable for many indies. And you're coming up with some BS conspiracy theory about them only doing this for the free marketing, which sounds like something MorePowerOfGreen would come up with, just to try and deviate away from the fact that Sony has a better rep, and is doing more for indies than MS has/are.

Face it, and stop making excuses for MS, MS need to fix their indie policies. Tons of indie devs have stated they are less than ideal. It's common knowledge to anyone who isn't in extreme denial like you are. If an indie dev announces that their game isn't coming to the X1 because of MS's attitude/policies, then that is NO ONE's fault but MS's. Accept it.

Concertoine1386d ago (Edited 1386d ago )

Why are you guys feeding these trolls? Like really. Truefan and georgeenoob and all of them are just trying to piss you off and you let them. Just hit disagree, flag as trolling/off topic/immature if eligible, and move on. The reason this site is so infested is because trolls get 20 long winded replies for every comment they make.

1386d ago
jahcure1386d ago

who cares about this game. Have you seen titanfall??? X1 doesn't need any more games anyways.


chrisarsenalsavart1386d ago

U re not blind, u re just plain annoying.
Why don't u and your boyfriend Georgeboob just disappear?

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ZodTheRipper1386d ago

And the list of grows longer seems like every other game is PS4 exclusive these days. I wish I could buy time to play all these gamez :/

Vystrel1386d ago (Edited 1386d ago )

Back in the olden days of gaming practically all games were exclusive to a console. Much better now than it was back then since still the majority of games come out for the big 2 systems. (X360+PS3)(X1+PS4)

hello121386d ago

Good news stories appear for Microsoft. Here we go a negative x box thread appears. Typical.

MCTJim1386d ago

Never heard of this Indie Dev till just now.

SuperBlur1386d ago

you know who else was a no name never heard of before? Mojang .. guess what , one of the best selling title across all platform last gen. silly xbots

Minecraft , just in case your brain couldn't connect the dots

Spotie1386d ago

You never hear of most things until the first time you ever hear of them.

So f#&$ing what????

I remember the first time I heard of thatgamecompany. I'm SO glad I did.

But I guess you were irrelevant to the world until I heard of you on this site, right?

reaperofsouls1386d ago

it just another example of PS4 domination this generation. M$ only have themselves to blame by inforcing draconian measures such as parity clause which has back fired in there face.

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