PS4 Exclusive Without Memory Finally Gets First Trailer; Starts Crowdfunding Among Harsh Criticism

After a few delays, the Russian developer Dinosaurum Games finally released the first trailer of its upcoming PS4 exclusive Without Memory, but reactions haven't been exactly positive.

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fermcr1137d ago


Since it's a PS4 exclusive, why doesn't Sony fund this game? It's not that expensive.

Enemy1137d ago

I guess Sony doesn't really see the potential.

Eonjay1137d ago

Not sure. Lets face it, $18,000 isn't hard, but Sony isn't just going to invest in any project. And due to the criticism of the trailer, I would hold off.

Let them collect the $18k. Lets see what they do with the money and lets then if they show more talent, then let Sony get behind it.

I wish them the best.

WeAreLegion1137d ago

Sony probably saw the trailer.

Also, I'm willing to bet David Cage said that nice thing to get these people to stop emailing him.

GameDev11137d ago

"Also, I'm willing to bet David Cage said that nice thing to get these people to stop emailing him."

LOL, thats just mean

If you look at the blog on their website, David Cage actually appreciated the concept of their work and even invited them to Quantic Dreams to see how things work

I have actually being eager to see their trailer but this is a mockery of AAA trailers

They need absolutely far more time making that trailer

ps360s1137d ago (Edited 1137d ago )

Maybe it's something to do with Sony trying out new things to see how it works out, Sony can save money while the game still "exclusive" being funded by the fans

like for example Sony had a epaper watch which was Crowdfunded but never use "Sony" as part of their agenda

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Relientk771137d ago

I guess we'll see what happens from this title in the future, but this trailer has made my interest drop.

Dudebro901137d ago

Why are they going the exclusive route if Sony isn't helping them fund it?

Sounds like a poor decision.

GameDev11137d ago

Because their game is inspired by David Cage's games Heavy Rain and Beyond two souls, which are PS exclusive and sold well

That is the main fanbase they are targeting

Dudebro901137d ago

Ok and?

Why would that stop them from releasing it on other platforms? People on other consoles might like the game.

If Sony isn't helping them, there is no reason to have it exclusive.

GameDev11137d ago


Firstly, they are a small team without funding as you know and they are targeting the only platform and fanbase they are sure their game will be a success on since there are already games like that on it

Secondly, Only Sony seems to have seen fit to allow their creativity due to Sony's relationship with Quantic Dreams(it is all explained in their website's blog)

I really dont know why you care so much, but those are their reasons to have it exclusive

N4GDgAPc1137d ago (Edited 1137d ago )

Because its a indie team. They can't focus on multiple systems at once with a small team. When finished some developers look at other systems to port to. But usually indie games focus on pc first then expand to consoles.

LiViNgLeGaCY1137d ago


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