Thought Nintendo Was Stopping at Commercials? Nope. Mario Kart 8's Going to Be on NASCAR

From the Penzoil promotion to the latest Mario Kart 8 commercials, you can't say Nintendo's been twiddling their thumbs with the marketing of Mario Kart 8. What's next for the million seller franchise? NASCAR.


Mod note added the video of them skinning the race car.

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cl19831669d ago

To clarify to those whom watch Nascar, this is a Nationwide race not the Sprint Cup race.

Game Stop has been a big sponsor for Joe Gibbs racing at the Nationwide level for years, this isn't to surprising that Gamestop would have a promotion deal with Nintendo.

Ck1x1669d ago

Nationwide races in Charlotte draw in big crowds though.
So yeah it is a pretty big deal! Knowing Gamestop they'll probably have a demo kiosk to play the game at the JGR trailer. So it maybe many people's first time ever seeing the game...

3-4-51669d ago

I LOVE the little hint/touch with Mario being upside down.

I wonder if the people watching the race will "get" it.

diepdiep1669d ago

I'm really glad the game is getting massive exposure. Goes to show you that Nintendo will go all out to make sure their key titles sell big time.

MRMagoo1231669d ago ShowReplies(3)
coolasj1669d ago

The new Nintendo. Advertise, EVERYWHERE. Gotta do what you gotta do.

thorstein1669d ago

This, a Zelda, and a Mario Galaxy and I will pick up a Wii U.

This one is a seller.

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